Estadio Benito Villamarín: Visit the Real Betis Balompié stadium

benito villamarin

The Benito Villamarín hosts the home matches of Real Betis Balompié.

Are you planning to attend a Betis match? Make sure to get your Real Betis tickets well in advance!

Here’s a complete guide to do so, in case you need it.

If you’re interested in the current season, check the official dates to see if any of these fits your itinerary.

The history behind the Estadio Benito Villamarín

The stadium was inaugurated in 1929, but was thoroughly renovated in 1982 to host two matches of that year’s UEFA World Cup, in 2000, and in 2017. It has a capacity of 60,700 people.

The Real Betis Balompié, popularly known as Betis, was founded in 1907. It is, along with the Sevilla Fútbol Club, one of Seville football clubs. The rivalry between both is quite fierce and the city is divided in half between Sevilla and Betis fans.

Probably one of the best supporters in Europe, ‘Béticos’ are the most intensive and loyal supporters of the Spanish League. Fans generally dance and sing theme songs and chants during the whole match, and they do so whether the team is winning or losing, whether it’s raining or under an unbearable heat. It is absolutely impressive.

Few fans are noisier, more numerous, more loyal or funnier than Betis’. In fact, Betis is defined by a famous phrase binding pride and identity. Always written wrong according to the Andalusian accent, thousands shout “¡Viva er Betis manquepierda!” (Long live Betis, even if they lose!).

Betis supporters always enjoy themselves. Even if they lose. Join them.

How to buy Real Betis tickets

The easiest way to get your Real Betis tickets is buying them online.

The purchasing process is very easy, but here’s a complete guide on how to buy Real Betis tickets in case you need it.

Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Start by checking the official calendar of matches and look for the dates when Real Betis Balompié plays home. Note that the final date and time of the match are confirmed only a few days before.

One more thing, the match usually takes place on a Saturday or Sunday, although La Liga also takes place on Fridays and Mondays. If the calendar obliges, matches may take place on other days of the week.

2. Next, pick the area of the Benito Villamarín where you would like to seat. A seating chart will help you choose the one that will suit you best.

3. Final step: complete the purchasing process. Double check your personal details, particularly your email address to get your purchase confirmation email.

Purchase your tickets! No more waiting lines.

How to get to the Benito Villamarín stadium

Being relatively far away from the city center (around 3.5 km or 2.2 mi from the Cathedral), it is not advisable to go there by foot.

Actually, the best way to get there is to catch a bus (lines 1, 2, 3 or 34). If your accommodation is located in the city center, just go to the Prado transport gateway and catch a line 1 or 37 bus. Both take you right to the stadium.

Have a look at the Tussam bus map for more information. The stadium is located in the C2 square.

Alternatively, you can catch a taxi. But before doing so, make sure you check the itinerary from your accommodation to the Benito Villamarín stadium and you have printed some basic directions. Doing so you can avoid potential scams from the driver, the main one being a ride following a longer route.

However, plan your transport ahead of time. Betis matches are extremely popular and it can be very difficult to reach the stadium as the match time approaches. It’s better waiting a bit longer at your seat for the match to begin than missing part of the action!

How to experience the ‘Betis Tour’

The Betis Tour walks you through the most emblematic areas of the Benito Villamarín stadium. Visit the home team changing room, the press room, and the players’ tunnel. Additionally, you can access to different areas of the stadium, including the field grass and the radio box.

Book the ‘Betis Tour’ online and feel like a true Real Betis player!

Here are a few simple instructions to guide you through the booking process.

1. Go to the official Real Betis balompié website.

2. Then, look for an green button stating ‘Ver disponibilidad’ and click on it.

3. Select the date and time you’d like to visit the stadium.

4. Select the number of ticket you’d like to buy (adult, child).

5. Click on the green button ‘COMPRAR’.

6. Fill up your personal information. Make sure there are no typos on your email address as you’ll receive a PDF file with the tickets there.

7. Click on the green button ‘PAGAR’.

8. Fill up your travel money card information and complete the purchase.

Estadio Benito Villamarín: Visit the Real Betis Balompié stadium

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