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Sevici: Seville’s Municipal Bike Rental

Sevici is a bicycle rental programme operated by the Seville City Hall (Ayuntamiento). It offers thousands of three-speed unisex bikes at hundreds of stations or service points scattered around the city.

The bicycles have a very easy gear change and the seat height is adjustable (great for not very tall people like me). You can pick up a bike at any Sevici station and return it at any other.

You can have a look at a printable map of Seville’s bike paths network and stations and check an updated map with the current situation at each station at the official website.

Fortunately, you can rent Sevici bicycles using any credit card. At least that’s what my American friends confirm me.

Alternatively, you can go to a bike rental shop and hire one.


The Main Kiosk

Each station has a main kiosk from which you can carry out several tasks.

  • Select and rent a bike.
  • Purchase a Short Term Subscription.
  • Get a printed receipt with your chosen route.
  • Check on a map the closest taking or returning posts.
  • Increase your Sevici credit with your credit card.

You don’t understand Spanish? No problem. Each station has a Sevici kiosk with instructions in many languages.


Taking A Bike

You’ll always need to carry the subscription card. First, identify yourself by placing the card next to the card reader. If you see it doesn’t work or doesn’t recognize it, you can always enter your subscription code manually. Then, confirm you are the card holder entering your PIN code.

Once you access the “Select a bike” menu, pick one. You have 1 minute to go to the dock and unlock the bike. Start pedaling!


Returning A Bike

Once you are at the station and you are done with your bike, go to an empty dock. Place it correctly, you’ll see a light flashing and you’ll hear a ‘bip’ confirming that the bike has been returned.

But make sure that you have followed the procedure correctly! Sometimes the traffic prevents you from hearing anything, especially the ‘bip’. So check twice that you have locked it correctly at the dock or bike post. Otherwise, the system will not register it and it will assume that you are still using the bike… charging you an additional fee and even a penalty!

You’ll be required to supply credit-card information before taking a bike so charging you these fees and penalties is pretty easy…


Sevici Short Term Subscription Card

This subscription lasts for 7 consecutive days and you have unlimited access to the bicycles. The registration fee is 11.28 euros that you’ll have to pay with your credit card. At the end of the period, another 11.28 euros will be charged to your card if you want to renew it.

Then, you’ll need to authorize Sevici to handle a 150 euro deposit. This deposit will be fully refunded once the subscription expires provided the bikes have not been damaged.

Fares: The first half hour is free. The next hour (after the free 30 minutes elapsed) is 1.03 euro and the subsequent hours are 2.04 euros each.


Sevici Long Term Subscription Card

If you plan to stay for a while in Seville you should sign up for a Long Term Subscription card. It lasts 1 year (i.e. 12 consecutive months) and you have unlimited bike rentals for this period.

To register you need to pay a fee of 28.20 euros. This fee will be charged to your credit card at the beginning of each year if you decide to renew your subscription.

The Long Term Subscription doesn’t require a deposit.

Fares: The first half hour is free. The next hour (after the free 30 minutes elapsed) is 51 cents and the subsequent hours are 1.03 euro each.


Some Tips

1. Remember that it is totally forbidden to ride a bike in the pedestrian streets of the city centre from 10am to 10pm.

2. If you are far away from your destination your ride can be free with some planning. First, have a look at the stations along your route. Check for a station that is approximately a 30-minute ride away from your starting point. Get there, drop the bike, rent a new one for free and keep going. Repeat the procedure until you get to your destination, for free!

3. Have a look at Ride the City. This site will help you find the safer bike route in Seville. And it will also find the shortest distance between 2 points, avoiding roads that aren’t meant for biking!

4. Make sure that you follow some very simple tips to prevent bike theft.