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Elecmove is the only provider of electric bike tours in Seville. The city reunites an endless list of monuments to see and things to do. Unfortunately, most people realize they should have allocated more time in their travel schedule once they are here. Booking an electric bike tour helps you maximizing your time while discovering the best of Seville.

In 2011 Sofia Delclaux, an enthusiastic and dynamic Spanish entrepreneur, founded Elecmove with the purpose of introducing electric bikes in Seville and to offer both locals and visitors an effortless and enjoyable option to explore the city.

After investing an important amount of capital and time, Sofia has managed to provide a unique service where culture and fun merge naturally. But most importantly, Sofia and her staff’s commitment with clients is the key to their success, offering an exclusive and completely customized activity.

Consider booking your electric bike tour in advance. You will save time, it will help you plan your trip and you won’t need to worry about last minute decisions.

How easy it is to ride an electric bike in Seville?

Seville offers the best conditions to ride any kind of bike. First, the city is completely flat so you won’t have to face steep slopes or exhausting grades. Second, for the past few years, 160+ km (100+ mi) of bicycle infrastructure has been completed. You can find cycling lanes almost everywhere and the City Hall implemented a public bike share system, Sevici.

In fact, according to People for bikes, Seville is designated as the world’s 33th most bicycle-friendly city out of 1733 cities (98th percentile). In addition to this, Seville is the Spanish city with the best bicycle service and largest bike lanes network according to the Confederación de Consumidores y Usuarios (a consumers union).

What’s an electric bike? The bike has an electric engine that starts working as soon as you pedal. Pedal twice and the bike will do everything for you – ride around Seville avoiding getting out of breath! All bikes are regularly plugged in and charged, so they are ready to use and you won’t need to worry about anything but enjoying the ride!

“This bike tour was excellent. A fun way for all 3 of us – age 52, 25 and 20 to see the city and to learn about the history of Seville. Niek was a great tour guide – very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.” — Margaret (Philadelphia, USA)

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What is an electric bike tour about?

Basically, you follow a certain route with a friendly and knowledgeable guide. You pedal for a while until you reach an important site or monument where you stop to get some information and entertaining explanations. All of the tours start and end at Elemove’s office.

Elecmove offers different routes and tours around Seville.

Of all the group tours (10 people max), probably the most popular one is “Introducing Seville” where you visit the main monuments and landmarks of the city. But you can also go for the “Adventurous Seville” to have an off the beaten track perspective and stop at places you wouldn’t go on your own. And if you are a bike lover, why not riding the 7 km (4.4 mi) path from the center of Seville to the impressive Roman ruins of Italica?

Finally, a private tour can be arranged at your own convenience. You can go wherever you want, whenever you prefer. And you will always have a guide with you to lead your way and provide all the explanations at every stop.

Electric bike tours are suited for everyone, including children. However, for security reasons electric bikes are only available to children older than 13 or taller than 1.50 m (4.9 ft). If you are travelling with younger children, they will do the tour with you but on a regular bike.

My experience during an electric bike tour

As soon as I entered Elecmove’s office I was greeted by Niek, a nice Dutch who proved to be one of the most enthusiastic guides I’ve ever met. He briefly explained the bike’s mechanism, gave the group a few pieces of advice and there we went… off to ride Seville!

I have to admit that I was a bit anxious about the engine. I’ve ridden bikes all my life but I wondered if the bike would be to fast or hard to operate. In fact, it was the opposite, everything was easy and riding an electric bike is extremely friendly.

After crossing part of El Arenal neighborhood, our first stop was at the Plaza de San Francisco where we learnt about the history of Seville, the importance of Semana Santa and the City Hall‘s façade. Then, it was an easy ride to approach the gigantic Cathedral with the Giralda dominating the town.

Not far away from there, Niek told us about the beautiful architecture of the Alcazar and how important the Archivo de Indias was during the 16th and 17th centuries.

We then reached the luxurious Hotel Alfonso XIII, an elegant 1920s building where stars like Tom Cruise and Bruce Springsteen have been lodged. A nice place to have a cup of tea, don’t you think?

“I’m not big into history but Niek’s genuine enthusiasm, passion and love of the city is infectious and I am so glad we took this tour. It’s such a great way to see the city and doing it on the first day was a good move as we got an idea of some of the places we wanted to go back and visit during the rest of our stay.” — Stephen (Limerick, Ireland)

Shortly after we stopped at Seville’s University, an old tobacco factory back in the time.

I couldn’t wait for what was next: a ride into Parque de Maria de Luisa to see the Plaza de España and the Museo de Artes y Costumbres. The Plaza de España is a magical place that you shouldn’t skip. It’s a square you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

Our ride along the edge of the Guadalquivir river took us to the Palacio de San Telmo, and the symbolic Torre del Oro, where we stopped to get a picturesque view of Triana neighborhood located on the left bank.

Finally, we arrived to La Maestranza, the most ancient bullring in Spain. After an interesting discussion about the controversy of bullfights we took our bikes again and rode back to the office.

Niek is incredibly knowledgeable. I was quite surprised with how much he knows about Seville, particularly after realizing he has only been living here for a couple of years. You can really feel his passion for the city and his eagerness to share it. Moreover his explanations are full of cultural and historical information but told with a humorous style.

The tour is an excellent idea to gain an introduction to the city and it’s amazing history without sharing the experience with other 40 people. Moreover, you have the chance to go relatively far away (e.g. Parque de Maria Luisa) without getting tired. It is also great if you are travelling with children since they will have lots of fun riding around and will learn a lot about Seville and Spain.

Why booking an electric bike tour?

You should definitely book the tour if you

  • Want to discover Seville’s main sights having fun
  • Are short of time and can’t make it on your own
  • Run away from large tourist groups

On the contrary, do something else because

  • You don’t like bikes
  • You prefer to walk on your own
  • You are an independent traveller

“As soon as you pedal the motor cuts in making any effort almost negligible. The city itself is beautiful. Nick our guide, was excellent & so friendly as was Sophia back at base.” — Glen (London, UK)

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Disclosure: Sofía kindly invited me to join a “Introducing Seville” group tour so this article is a full review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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