Top Seville hotels (2024): Where to stay for a memorable escape

seville hotels

Choosing yours among many Seville hotels is, along with the purchase of plane tickets, the most critical decision of your trip. You should search thoroughly to pick the lodging options that best suit your needs – and your wallet!

Unfortunately, finding the best place to stay in Seville can be overwhelming.

The good news is that my mission to deliver you the most helpful travel content related to Seville on the internet. So I’ve done all the work for you!

With that in mind, here are my personal views on Seville hotels:

My selection of Seville hotels

There are two types of travelers to Seville:

  1. Those for whom a hotel is only a bed and a place to leave their luggage. These travelers believe that, since they want to spend all their time exploring Seville, why spend more money than you have to on a hotel?
  2. Those who want a complete experience, and want to be treated just a little bit special. For these travelers a great hotel experience is part of the package and look for a unique and authentic accommodation – it could intimate, stylish, or downright luxurious. They basically want to make the most of their short time in Seville.

I am most definitely in the latter group.

And I want you, too, to feel special while you’re in Seville – to make every aspect of your trip something to look back on with fondness.

I don’t want to direct you to uncomfortable accommodations or Seville hotels located in areas far away from where that action truly is. My intention is provide you with ideas of places where you’ll have a nice level of comfort, even in hotels that are affordable. Those are exactly, and only, the type of Seville hotels I recommend.

As you can imagine, recommending a hotel can be challenging, especially if it’s to someone you’ve never seen before.

But I trust that you’ll find my list of suggestions of Seville hotels a good starting point to do your own research.

The best hotels in Seville

As this a very personal tourist guide about Seville, I have looked for the best options to stay in the city with great care.

This is a manual process in which I go hotel after hotel, analyzing what it delivers, at what price, and for which type of traveler. I visit the Seville hotels and analyze extensive reviews of the accommodation that are in the list plus also of the ones that I decide to drop.

So this is the list of what I consider to be the best hotels in Seville.

The 5 best luxury hotels in Seville

Over the past few years, the number of luxury hotels in Seville has significantly increased. However, I believe that only a few hotel chains succeed at delivering the consistency of unrivaled excellence that luxury-minded globetrotters expect these days.

So if you want a little comfort in Seville and feel that you belong to the elite, have a look at my selection.

This personal list includes the 5 best luxury hotels in Seville.

The 5 best boutique hotels in Seville

Boutique hotels and Seville are a match made in heaven. It just feels right to stay in an intimate, creative and carefully designed little hotel here. The scale and the sensibility of boutique hotels are perfectly suited to Seville, a small city with high aesthetic standards.

As a matter of fact, the boutique hotel industry has experienced tremendous growth in the city over the last few years.

I have handpicked selection of luxury establishments chosen for their unique credentials such as size, intimacy, service, exclusivity and location.

Here are, in my opinion, the 5 best boutique hotels in Seville.

The 5 best vacation rentals in Seville

There is an abundance of fascinating, charismatic vacation rentals in Seville available where you and your friends and family can base yourselves while exploring the city.

Booking a holiday apartment in Seville gives you roomier accommodation and the chance to experience life like a Sevillano, with many of the same luxuries of a hotel stay. This will make you, at least for a few days, feel like a local.

Here are my favorite suggestions of the 5 best vacation rentals in Seville for you to explore.

The 5 best mid-range hotels in Seville

If you happen to be a somehow budget traveler, Seville offers no shortage of small family-run budget hotels and pensions, many of which are located in the center of town.

Actually, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice here as most of the mid-rangers are creative originals, blending high levels of comfort with an often-quirky sense of style.

This is a list of what I consider the 5 best mid-range hotels in Seville, in rough order of preference.

The 5 best budget hotels in Seville

Seville has a surprisingly wide variety of budget hotels, where your money goes a long way in terms of what you get.

While this selection is mainly based on the idea of affordable travel, I’m sure that you do love pampering yourself once in a while. With this idea in mind, I have chosen the hotels on my list based on location, facilities, and atmosphere.

So here is the list of what I consider the 5 best budget hotels in Seville.

The 5 best hostels in Seville

Are you looking for a list of the best hostels in Seville? Most of them are generally a blend of a cool historic vibe and nice modern facilities.

In addition to this, the large majority is very centrally located close to the top tourist attractions. And the best of it all – as an added bonus, many hostels have rooftop terraces (some of them even have a nice swimming pool!).

Booking a hostel in Seville can be a challenge with so many options out there. How do you choose and book a backpacker hostel from the never-ending list of search results?

Don’t worry, because I’ve hand-picked the 5 best hostels in Seville for you…

Are you looking for Seville airport hotels?

I’m sure you are like me and hate early morning flights. There is nothing worse that ending a holiday without a proper night’s sleep.

The early flight often means getting up in the middle of the night to get to the airport on time. Which is why sometimes it’s prudent to stay in an airport hotel if you got a long trip that includes a flight ahead of you. Is this your case?

Or are you landing late at night in Seville instead?

Read my advice on airport hotels in Seville.

Book one of the top Seville hotels

Seville has a huge range of hotels, hostels and apartments to suit all budgets.

Apart from checking my selection of Seville hotels, you can always conduct you own research.

My preferred tool is There you can look for special discounts or special offers available for the dates of your stay. And you can also read reviews of Seville hotels written by previous guests which will give you first hand information.

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