Are you looking for Seville airport hotels?

seville airport hotels

Should you stay at one of the Seville airport hotels? I’m sure you’re like me and hate early morning flights. There’s nothing worse that ending a holiday without a proper night’s sleep.

The early flight often means getting up in the middle of the night to get to the airport on time. Which is why sometimes it’s prudent to stay in an airport hotel if you got a long trip that includes a flight ahead of you.

Is this your case?

Or are you landing late at night in Seville instead?

If yes, again the big question is…

Are Seville airport hotels a good choice?

Let me guess…

Your flight arrives at 22:00 and you need to know whether to arrive late into Seville or stay at an airport hotel for the night and continue onto Seville the next day.

Or, you have an extremely early morning flight (let’s say at 6:35) and you want to sleep as close to the Seville Airport as possible.

Obviously, your first reaction is to search for a hotel near the airport.

But is it the best option?

My advice on staying at Seville airport hotels

Well, the answer to the previous question is no, you shouldn’t stay at a Seville airport hotel.

I would not stay near the airport, choices are limited and the area is not very nice.

And, actually, there is no real need to do so considering the airport location.

If your flight arrives late, go straight to your accommodation in the city center

The truth is 22:00 in Seville is not late. At this time, there is still a lot of people out. If you are getting a short stay apartment, you will just need to make sure they will meet you at that time to allow you entry. If you have booked a hotel, you won’t have that problem.

Since you are arriving at Seville Airport, have a look at a complete guide on how to exit the airport after landing.

If you have an early morning flight, go to the airport from your city center lodging

Contrary to other European cities, the Seville Airport is not far away from the city center – it is only 10 km (6.2 mi) away.

Plus, if you take into account that there won’t be any traffic at all at 5:00 or 6:00, staying at the city center instead of searching for an airport hotel is a no brainer.

So, spend the night at your accommodation (whether it’s a hotel or an apartment) and reach the airport from there. It will be much easier and much more comfortable.

Learn how to get to Seville airport from the city center.

Haven’t you booked your Seville hotel yet?

No problem!

If you’re overwhelmed because you don’t know where to stay and what hotel to book, I’m here to help!

I have put up a complete guide to help you choose the best accommodation option in Seville according to your needs and budget.

If you prefer to conduct your own research, use the following search box to look for a Seville airport hotel.

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