About Seville Traveller

What is Seville Traveller about?

Let me guess.

You are tired of printing your own custom guidebook from copypasting bits of here and there from a whole bunch of websites about Seville.

You have been digging out the web trying to find the best Seville highlights, ideas for itineraries, and suggestions of where to lodge.

You are overwhelmed by the amount of information you already have, and with some sources you don’t know who to trust.

You simply don’t know what to start with.

The aim behind Seville Traveller is to help you with the planning of your trip to Seville.

I am confident that it will give you a good overview of the city as well as a glimpse of the peculiarities of Andalusia. I also intend to help you with the issues of and decisions involved in a trip down here. I basically hope that it will answer all your important questions.

While reading Seville Traveller you should be able to decide

  • When you will go
  • For how long you will go
  • How you will get around
  • And, on top of it, what you want to see and do while here

I do hope that my experience will help you to enjoy Seville and Andalusia the same way I do.

About Laura Carrascosa

Laura Carrascosa

Laura Carrascosa

I found footing in Seville in 2010 after changing jobs and it only took me a few days to understand that I would never leave.

Besides the passion for this gorgeous city where I live, I love to travel: I have been to 35+ countries and lived in Morocco, Mexico, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

Although my biggest passion is to explore our beautiful planet, I also enjoy photography, learning languages and surfing on the net.

As an independent traveler myself, I plan in advance my next holidays while working on every detail. All these hours in front of the computer studying maps, looking for cheap flights and trying to find the best accommodation have taught me everything I know. Now I can organize from scratch a trip to anywhere in the world, no matter how far it is or how much it lasts.

And I love it.

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