Seville train station: Your ultimate guide to Santa Justa (2024)

seville train station santa justa

The main Seville train station is called Sevilla Santa Justa, and it’s the third-busiest station in Spain, servicing 9+ million travelers per year.

Have a look at a complete tutorial about train travel in Spain where you can read all the information you need to organize your train journeys around the country.

Purchase your train tickets online, as soon as you know your travel dates to Seville!

Seville train station offers regular services to destinations all over Andalucía (Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Málaga, Huelva, Jaén) and the rest of Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia).

Santa Justa Seville train station: Practical information

The Santa Justa train station is located to the north-east of the city center, on Avenida Kansas City. That’s 25-35 minutes walking from the heart of the city (the area around the Cathedral).

It was inaugurated in 1991, as part of the city’s modernization plans for the Expo 1992 when Spain’s first high-speed AVE train service was launched.

The train station opens:

  • Monday to Saturday from 4:30 to 0:30 of the following day.
  • Sunday and Public holidays from 5:15 to 0:30 of the following day.

Travel hack: There is an Andalucía tourist office managed by the regional government (Junta de Andalucía) that covers not only Sevilla but all Andalucía.

How to purchase your train tickets

The Renfe ticket office is open from 6:00 to 22:00 (if you intend to purchase a ticket for the same day) and from 8:00 to 22:00 (if you want to buy a ticket for a future date). It’s located at the main hall in front of the shops.

However, you will be charged a fee for every transaction.

So you should buy your train tickets online. Follow a step by step tutorial if you need help with that.

To get your Cercanías train tickets, you can go to the Renfe ticket office. A much faster alternative is to use the vending machines located in the main concourse. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase them online.

Getting to/from Seville train station Santa Justa


You can reach the station taking the 28, 32, C1 and C2 Seville city buses.

Additionally, there is a special bus (EA) that links the train station with the Seville airport:

  • If you’re going from the Seville airport to Santa Justa train station, the EA bus stop is on Avenida Kansas City, on the station right hand side. So you need to walk 2-3 minutes to get to the main building.
  • If you’re going from Santa Justa train station to the Seville airport, the EA bus stop is towards of the front entrance, across the cab’s line.

Private transfer

You’ll be glad to book an exclusive ride from the train station to your accommodation.

It provides a much need comfort and rest after a long trip. Your driver will meet you at the main terminal and will walk you to an executive sedan. Your transfer will be safe and sound. On top of it, you can ask for an English speaking driver.

If you have a larger party, up to eight people, the transfer can be arranged in a luxury minivan.

1. Private car from Santa Justa train station to central Seville. Use this when you arrive to avoid waiting long lines at the bus and waste a precious time.

2. Private from central Seville to Santa Justa train station. Definitely, the most comfortable and easy option when it’s time to go home. The car gets you from your hotel (or apartment) to Santa Justa.

Car rental

If you are considering renting a car you’ll find a bunch of car rental offices at the Sevilla Santa Justa train station.

However, my favorite choice to get the best cheap car rental rates is to book your rental car from home before setting a foot in Seville.


The cabs are located in front of the main entrance. You will have to pay a surcharge for traveling from the train station and an extra fee for each piece of luggage.

Seville receives a lot of foreigners every year and taxi drivers know it. Taxis at Santa Justa generally have a very bad reputation and I can tell so. They have tried to scam me more than once the minute they realize that I’m not from Seville (I have a different accent).

Please, make sure you know the exact address you are going to. Do some research in advance and spend some time in front of a map to get an idea of your route. If you can, provide some directions to the driver. At the end of the trip check the final fare and the change you receive!

I definitely don’t recommend taking a cab at Santa Justa. Unless you are in a hurry or you have no other means of transport, avoid taking a taxi!

However, in other areas of the city, catching a taxi is fine. Here is some practical advice to avoid bad surprises using the Seville taxi service.

Your own car

Santa Justa train station is located in one of the main avenues of the city center so it’s pretty easy to find it.

You have three car parks. One of them is an express parking, just for short stays and it’s located in front of the main entrance. It’s expensive though.

The other two are located at each side of the main building. They always have a lot of free spots.

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