How to rent a car in Sevilla: Step-by-step tutorial (2024)

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Would you like to know how to rent a car in Sevilla?

This step-by-step tutorial will guide through all the process you need to safely complete your car rental booking online.

Book you car rental now using Booking.

Taking a road trip is one of my favorite ways to travel. It easily lends itself to unique experiences you couldn’t get traveling by bus or plane.

Seville is a great starting point for a road trip around Andalucía (or other areas of Spain!).

Renting a car in Seville gives you an infinite amount of flexibility on where to go and what to see.

But how to find your way in this jungle of car rental companies? How to find the best value for money?

You can book a rental car directly with companies, but my advice would be to use Booking instead. They are a comparison website, which takes all the prices from the main rental car suppliers and gives you the best price. You can often get an upgrade free of charge when you go to pick up your car too!

How to rent a car in Sevilla on Booking

Below you’ll find a step by step guide to help you rent a car in Sevilla through

The interface is very friendly and the process is incredibly straightforward.

Step 1: Go to website

1. Go to

Open your favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox…), type “” and press Enter.

2. Change the website language to English.

If the website isn’t displayed in English, choose the British flag in the top menu. This changes the site’s language to English.

3. Display the prices in euros (EUR).

By default, prices are displayed in euros.

However, if you click on the ‘EUR’ button, you’ll access a drop-down menu allowing you to display prices in American dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP), Canadian dollars (CAD), Australian dollars (AUD), and several other currencies. So you can be charged in your preferred currency.

But for the sake of simplicity, I recommend you to display the prices in euros (EUR) from the beginning.

Step 2: Search your car rental in Seville

Fill out the top search bar form with your trip details and run a search.

1. Select the pick up location.

Type the location where you want to pick up your car.

For cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​you’ll notice that there’s more than one location. Select the one that suits you most (e.g. airport, train station, city center).

Tick the “Drop car off at different location” option box if that’s the case, and type the location where you want to drop off your car.

2. Set the pick up date and time.

When choosing the date, select it from the calendar. Choose your preferred pick up date.

Then, select the pick up time from the drop-down menu.

3. Set the drop off date and time.

In similar fashion, select the drop off date and time.

4. Confirm the main driver’s age.

If the main driver is not aged 30-65, untick the box “Driver aged 30-65?”. Select the age from the drop-down menu.

5. Click on the “Search” button.

Step 3: Select your preferred rental car

A new screen shows rental cars and fares for your trip.

If cars are not available for the date you chose, the system will inform you so.

1. Use the top search area to change your car rental details (optional).

You can change your pick up and/or drop off location, the date(s) of your trip and the age of the main driver.

2. Select your preferred deal.

In the right hand side of the screen, you can see the search results.

By default, Booking displays the results sorted by its own recommendations. But you can also sort them by lowest price first.

Alternatively, you can filter the results using the options on the left sidebar:

  • Location.
  • Price range.
  • Car specs.
  • And many more filters.

3. Click on your preferred deal.

When you’ve determined your preferred option, click on the “View deal” button and a new tab will open up with the details.

4. If you’re not happy with your selection, keep checking other deals.

Step 4: Confirm your selection

1. Check thoroughly all the information displayed on the screen.

On the new tab, the information corresponding to the deal you’ve selected is displayed. Read carefully all the details and take your time to check that everything is correct before making the payment.

Travel hack: Based on personal experience, I recommend you to book your car without the Booking insurance.

Booking is only an intermediary company. Therefore, your coverage will always be better getting the rental car insurance with the final provider itself (ie. the car rental company that is actually going to give you the keys) because:

1. If you have any problem with the car (e.g. accident, breakdown), it will always be easier to deal with the car rental and its own insurance company.

2. Usually the car rental’s insurance company offers a much larger coverage at a better price.

2. Click on the white “Go to book Without Full Insurance” button.

Step 5: Fill up your personal and payment details

1. Fill out your personal and contact details.

Please DOUBLE CHECK your email address. The car rental booking confirmation will be sent to the address you provide.

2. Fill out your billing address.

3. Fill out your payment details.

As usual in the can rental industry, Booking only accepts credit card payments.

Fill in the information on your credit card (name on card, card number, expiration date and CVV).

4. Click on the blue “Book and pay” button.

Step 6: Retrieve your car rental booking confirmation

Once your booking is completed successfully, a new screen confirming the transaction will show up.

Soon after, you’ll get an email with your car rental booking information.

If you need to retrieve your booking you can:

  • Go to the and click on the “Manage booking” button, located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Download the Booking app where you can keep track of all your bookings and easily find them.

Now you’re ready to travel!

Why I love renting a car with Booking?

After years answering to hundreds of emails of travelers who weren’t sure on where to rent a car in Sevilla, I’m confident to say that Booking is the best option to get your car and start your road trip around Spain.

The reasons why I recommend you Booking are:

  • It’s one of the world’s largest online car rental booking sites. You can search for rentals in more than 50,000 locations from over 900 car hire companies in 150+ countries.
  • You can manage your booking the phone, online or through the app.
  • It allows you to compare in seconds all the car rental rates in a given location without having to reproduce the same search from all the competitors. So it compares the prices of hundreds of providers to bring you the cheapest prices possible.
  • In case of impediment, you can cancel the reservation up to two days before the handing over of the keys.
  • You pay in your preferred currency, which saves you the costs associated with the exchange rate from one currency to another.
  • The booking process is extremely easy and pretty straightforward.
  • If you have a customer or preferred card it connects you the usual Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Alamo, Budget, Enterprise, Dollar, Thrifty, National Atesa, Sixt and so on.
  • But their best service, in my opinion, is a multilingual call center available 24/7 allowing you to call them from home to arrange your rental or solve any question you may have prior to traveling.

That’s the way renting a car should be – easy.

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How to rent a car in Sevilla: Step-by-step tutorial (2024)

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