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Sevilla Fútbol Club 2022-2023 official calendar

Below you can find the Sevilla Fútbol Club official calendar, in which all the matches the club will play during the season are detailed. As you can see, the calendar is organized in chronological order and it includes all the competitions in which Sevilla FC participate.


Real Betis Balompié 2022-2023 official calendar

Here is the Real Betis Balompié official calendar. The table below includes all the matches the team will play during the season. Not only La Liga but all the competitions in which Betis are involved are detailed.


The official 2023 Seville bullfighting schedule

seville bullfighting schedule

Check the official Seville bullfighting schedule if you plan to attend a bullfight. It includes all the corridas that will be held during the season as well as the novilladas.

La Maestranza (Seville’s bullring) holds bullfights from March or April until October.


How to buy your Seville bullfight tickets

seville bullfight tickets

If you are interested in buying bullfight tickets (billetes) have a look at the following tips.


What is Easter in Seville? Semana Santa activities (2023)

“What is Easter?” is probably the most frequent question I’m asked when it comes to Seville. And I can understand why: apart from the Cathedral, the Alcázar and other hidden gems, this gorgeous city is very well know for its Holy Week celebrations.


Seville: Semana Santa glossary

In Seville, Semana Santa celebrations are really impressive. It’s definitely my favorite holiday for many reasons. The city transforms itself into a place of repentance, grief and symbolic darkness, despite the aesthetic couldn’t be more colorful.


Sevilla: Semana Santa hermandades (brotherhoods)

In Sevilla, Semana Santa is the most important event of the year for the hermandades (brotherhoods), also known as cofradías.


How to survive Holy Week in Seville with children

Are you wondering how to survive Holy Week in Seville with children? There’s nothing to worry about.


When to visit the home churches during Easter (Seville)

The religious period known as the Semana Santa is the week before Easter. Seville comes alive during the Holy Week, when all sorts of events take place and more particularly the processions.


9 tips to make the most out of Easter in Seville

Easter in Seville is observed from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. For 7 days, crowds of people join the brotherhoods (hermandades and cofradías) with austerity, fervor and enthusiasm.


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