List of maps of Seville

maps of seville

To move around Seville you’re going to need several maps of Seville. Each one covers different necessities that you’ll have along your trip planning and preparation.

Whether it’s a street map, a bicycle paths map or the Santa Justa train station map, all of them provide useful information to help you out.

And they are FREE!

Depending on the device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet) you are using, click or tap on the map you want to open. Then, mark it as a favorite. This way it will synchronize with your Google account.

You have a detailed explanation (including some screenshots) at the end of this article.

Otherwise, you can always come back to this page and access each one of them when you are travelling in Spain.

Customized Spain Traveller maps of Seville

I always begin the travel planning process with a map.

Regardless of where I’m thinking of travelling, I’ll always turn to Google. My technique for travel planning with maps starts with tracing my eyes across a country or a city as a whole, then I zoom into more specific areas and see what’s around.

By using these maps, you’ll have the power to decide the journey you want to take through Seville…

  • Sights and museums. You can see where each highlight, tourist attraction and museum is located, and obtain more information about them by clicking or tapping on each icon.
  • Seville Hotels. This hotel map shows where the hotels I recommend are located in Seville, including my favorite ones… So you can make sure that you’re based exactly where you to be before you book on your trip.
  • Flamenco shows in Seville. My essential guide to flamenco in Seville includes a personal selection of what I consider the best flamenco shows in the city. Here you have all of them located in a cool map.
  • Recinto Ferial. This is the most complete map (and practically the only one) that you’ll find online. It shows you some interesting information: the street names, the paseo de caballos main circuit and the location of the public casetas. Print it or have a look at it before heading to the Feria. The Recinto Ferial is a small city on its own!

How to use the Spain Traveller maps

When you look for accurate information on Seville Traveller from your computer, tablet or smartphone, using one map or another may not matter. But when you’re on the road, you often look up directions on your smartphone (or any other device) using Google Maps.

So wouldn’t it be cool to have all these recommendations integrated into Google Maps? That’s what I thought.

Have a look at the different layers of each map

Each map includes not only places to visit but tons of other interesting things. Take the time to navigate through all the layers that the maps have because you will find a great deal of practical information.

How to save the Spain Traveller Maps into your Google Maps app

Here is how any of the Spain Traveller Maps looks like.

To do this, have a look at the star that is next to the name of the map. Click (or tap) on this star and you will add the map to your Google account. This will automatically synchronize it with your Google Maps application on your smartphone (or any other device).

On your smartphone, open your Google Maps app and tap “Saved”. Then, swipe the top menu to the left to get to the “Maps” menu.

Tap on the Maps menu to get to all the Google Maps synchronized to your account. Then, tap the map you want to display on the screen on your device.

If you want to check all the details, tap the “View map legend” option to access the map legend, as you can see in the right screenshot above.

This means that all the contents included in this map that I produce and update will be available to you along with the rest of the information in Google Maps. Everything will be in the same place, so you don’t have to worry about anything or change any app.

It couldn’t be easier!

Other maps of Seville

The following maps of Seville complement the customized Spain Traveller ones that you can synchronize with your Google account.

On top of it, all of them are free and can be downloaded. So you can choose to print them or save them on your smartphone or tablet and carry them with you!

(You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view and print the PDF files. If you don’t have this software you can get it here for free. Just download it and follow the instructions to install it.)

  • Seville old town. This is the best and most complete map of Seville that you can find. It indicates the main streets and avenues, the most important sights, monuments and other interesting insights. It’s a bit hard to read when you print it out but you can still zoom in as much as you want on your screen.
  • Seville Tussam buses. Tussam, the municipal company that operates public buses in Seville, provides a complete map where all the routes are detailed.
  • Bike paths and stations. If you plan to visit the city on a bicycle, the City Hall provides a helpful map that indicates all the paths and stations scattered all over Seville. Actually, Sevici is one of the best services of Seville. Renting a bike is, in my opinion, a very cool way to discover Sevilla apart from my favorite one of course: walking!
  • Metro Sevilla map. As you can see, the Metro Sevilla (Seville’s subway) current Line 1 is shown in red. You can also see how the future lines (2, 3 and 4) will look. All of them are still under construction and are expected to be inaugurated at some point in the future.
  • City Sightseeing tourist bus. This company operates circuits on an open top tour bus around Seville. On the map you can see the routes and all the stops allowing you to plan where you want to stop depending on what monument or attraction you want to spend more time visiting.
  • Sevirama tourist bus. The other company operating routes on an open top tour bus around Seville.

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