A complete guide on train travel from Seville

Train travel from Seville is extremely easy, comfortable and safe. Whether you want to travel to a long-distance destination or somewhere nearby, Renfe offers you several options.

In Spain, train ticket fares rely on a dynamic pricing system (similar to how airfares work) in which a tariff can vary depending on demand, restrictions, and how early you purchase your train tickets. So the best way to save money is purchasing your train tickets in advance.

Purchase your train tickets online, as soon as you know your travel dates to Seville!


A complete guide to train travel from Seville

One of the greatest time-saving ways of traveling to and from Seville is taking direct AVE high-speed trains.

And it’s something that I benefit from very often, especially between Madrid and Seville thanks to Renfe’s wonderful AVE high-speed trains.

Every day I get dozens of emails asking me about train travel from Seville, how to purchase Renfe tickets online and what’s the best itinerary possible using the train. That’s why after many years using Renfe trains myself, I decided to come up with a complete guide related to train travel in Spain based on my own experience.

The following tutorial contains all the information that you need to know to make the most out of the Spanish train service.

Here is a complete summary of all the guide:

1. Spain trains: everything you need to know
2. How to purchase AVE train tickets online
3. 7 tricks to get cheap train tickets in Spain
4. Renfe: Spain’s state-owned railway company
5. AVE trains: Renfe high-speed trains in Spain
6. The Combinado Cercanías ticket
7. The Renfe Spain Pass
8. Avlo: Renfe’s high speed low cost trains
9. OUIGO trains: SNCF’s high speed low cost company
10. iryo: Spain’s low cost high-speed rail operator
11. 7 packing tips to comply with your train baggage allowance


Train travel from Seville to other destinations

Although geographically quite remote from other major Spanish cities (Madrid is 525 km distant), Seville is still well-connected by train. Fast AVE services run direct from Seville to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Fast trains to the capital take just 2.5 hours.

Regional rail connections to other cities in Andalucía are excellent.

  • Córdoba and Jerez (the home of sherry) are both an hour or less away.
  • The coastal cities of Málaga and Cádiz can both be reached within two hours.
  • You can also reach Ronda, Antequera, Linares, Jaén, and the gorgeous small towns of Úbeda and Baeza.


Advantages of train travel from Seville

Discover the main advantages of train travel to and from Seville and why travelling by train is the perfect option for your next adventure.


You arrive in the heart of Seville

The Santa Justa train station is situated very close to the city center.

Arrive in comfort and step off the train straight to your accommodation. Take an uber/taxi/bus with no worries about driving in the middle of an unfamiliar city or trying to park, which is a nightmare in Seville!

No need to catch a transfer, like you would do from Seville airport which is located far out of town.

And with no car you are not contributing to the major traffic problems in most cities.


It’s the most comfortable way to travel from Seville

This is one of my main reasons I take and recommend the train – it is so much more comfortable and spacious than driving or flying. Crammed into a metal tube in the sky with a few hundred other people with recycled air and limited leg room is my idea of hell.

On a train there are no seat belts – you can get up, walk along the carriages and often alight at stations along the way for a stroll.

Enjoy natural daylight through large windows made for viewing the passing landscape. No small portholes with shutters and strip lighting on trains!

And if you travel with children the space and comfort of a train is always going to be more better than the cramped confines of a plane. Car journeys can be a nightmare too with bored kids constantly asking “how much longer until we get there…?”.


Your holiday starts the minute you board the train

No hanging around for 3 hours at the airport waiting endless lines and going through awful security checks. Arrive at the train station and board your train!

And whilst your vacation only starts when you step off the plane the train journey is part of the holiday.

Sit back relax and enjoy the beautiful views. Instead of endless empty skies you can enjoy the passing Spanish countryside and gorgeous views as you travel which is impossible when flying or driving and concentrating on the road.

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