My 5 best luxury hotels in Seville

Over the past few years, the number of luxury hotels in Seville has significantly increased. Although this is great news for discerning travelers, not all new expensive and glitzy hotels meet the standards of a true refined and memorable experience.

In my humble opinion, only a few hotel chains succeed at delivering the consistency of unrivaled excellence that luxury-minded globetrotters expect these days. These brands stand out and leave the competition behind with impeccable service, extraordinary locations, world-class wellness facilities, superlative gastronomy, and spectacular accommodations.

I hereby present you the 5 most exclusive luxury hotels in Seville. I have personally inspected all of them, and these are the ones I would happily return to again and again if I would be visiting the city.

Featuring stunning architecture, world class amenities and fine dining, all offer an exceptional experience.

So if you want a little comfort in Seville and feel that you belong to the elite, have a look at the list below.


My best 5 luxury hotels in Seville

Palacio de Villapanés: Despite the apparent management effort to keep the hotel veiled to the rest of the world, it is probably the most luxurious 5-star hotel in Seville. From the outside, you can only see the old palace doors. No signs.

This former 18th century palace in the heart of the city oozes style and sophistication. Apart from the classic patio right at the entrance, there is a modern one at the back of the building, full of plants. But if you are looking for an intimate place to rest and relax, the rooftop spa and pool will suit you best.

Rooms are all unique and unbelievably beautiful, all offering that wow factor when you walk into them. They are distributed around the two patios with the suites in the building looking out to the orange tree-shaded outdoor patio.

Hotel Alfonso XIII: Hotel Alfonso XIII itself counts as a cultural icon in Seville. The hotel was built in the late 1920s and today it is one of the most prestigious hotels in Europe, hosting royals and international celebrities.

Standing a 5-minute walk away from the historic Barrio Santa Cruz, the hotel flaunts an impressively detailed architecture and a remarkable interior showcasing the best of Andalusian heritage and Sevillan style. This ambience also pervades the outdoor swimming pool and gardens, which entice you to relax and refresh, while enjoying an impeccable service and a sweeping set of views.

Rooms are individually decorated, boasting bohemian crystal chandeliers, Castillan dark furniture and wardrobes with upholstered trunk-like drawers. The bathroom is the star of the room with dazzling copper and white ceramic arabesque tiles, complemented by elegant marble floors. The rainforest shower and bathtub along with the twin basin and luxury toiletries all add to the opulence.

Hospes Las Casas del Rey de Baeza: Located in the heart of Seville’s old town, this traditional building – very typical of the Sevillian architecture – used to be a local neighbors’ courtyard in the 18th century. Today, it is an ideal setting for you to relax, imagine and dream.

Step inside and crisp, contemporary interiors will seduce you immediately. The stone, clay and chalk used in the building’s construction give it a touch of authenticity and a high architectural and historical value. Above all, the 3 courtyards are filled with old ceramic pots, mill stones and colorful plants.

From here, steps lead up to cloistered walkways that wrap around above and lead to the rooms. There, you will sleep on starched linen in charming rooms, the best of which have French windows that open onto the square. Delightful.

Corral del Rey: It is easy to walk past the Corral del Rey, which sits discreetly on a cobbled street of the same name, minutes from the bustle and beauty of the main highlights. The property is within a converted casa palacio – a delightful noble house once home to the city’s wealthy when Seville was at the epicenter of world trade with the Americas.

The design is charming and authentic. From the small but sleek reception area, you look up a central stairwell to 3 arched galleries, off which are some of the rooms. A stone staircase leads up past them to a roof terrace, ideal for breakfast or cocktails, where a tiny plunge pool is perfect to kick back and relax.

Sleekly bohemian, all of the bedrooms drip with high-end comforts. However, each guest room has been thoughtfully decorated and styled – not only featured upscale materials but plenty of personal touches. More rooms sit in annexes across the street. The second building has a charming drawing room, full of travel guides and hard back coffee table books as well as another fully stocked self-service bar, where you can enjoy a slice of homemade cake each afternoon.

Hotel Gravina 51: Set in an early 20th-century palace situated in the picturesque Calle Gravina, the hotel is built in the typical Sevillano style of rooms around an beautiful patio with a fountain.

Moorish accents seamlessly play with baroque elements and traditional Andalusian design. No wonder interior-design obsessives love this revamped 20th-century palace! Oh, and expect a great selection of single malt whiskies, brandies and gins in the marvelous black-and-gold bar, with extremely courteous and attentive service.

You will love this little beauty for its small but beautifully composed rooms with dangling Arabian-look lamps and floaty canopies topping smart gold-framed beds.


Map of the 5 best luxury hotels in Seville

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