My 5 best boutique hotels in Seville

boutique hotels in seville

Why not stay in an one of the best intimate and original boutique hotels in Seville? Some cities have looks, other cities have personality. Well, Seville has both and will not stop to surprise you.

Boutique hotels and Seville are a match made in heaven. It just feels right to stay in an intimate, creative and carefully designed little hotel here. The scale and the sensibility of boutique hotels are perfectly suited to Seville, a small city with high aesthetic standards.

As a matter of fact, the boutique hotel industry has experienced tremendous growth in the city over the last few years. That is why I am bringing you the best boutique hotels and stylish romantic retreats that Seville has to offer. This personal selection is made of places that will capture you the moment you see them.

Below is a handpicked sample of authentic establishments that I have chosen for their unique credentials such as size, intimacy, service, exclusivity and location.

So why not stay in one these intimate and original accommodations?


My 5 best boutique hotels in Seville

Plácido y Grata: Located in what was previously a manor house from the 19th century, this boutique hotel offers you a tranquil experience, immersing you in a calm, peaceful space where traditional vernacular architecture combines with contemporary Scandinavian design.

Once you take a step in the reception area, time stands still and you are in a mini urban oasis where contemporary design meets traditional elements. Marble columns and arcades lead to a central patio, with a fountain and a small garden. Light colored wooden beams, preserved from the original building, complement the ceramic latticework.

Rooms encompass an effortless Scandinavian design which is complemented by warm hues referencing the Mediterranean. Some of the suites have a large window that leads out to a private terrace with a bathtub and outdoor shower.

Soho Boutique Catedral: Don’t be deceived by its rather sombre façade – it belies a fabulous abundance of light and color within. A stained-glass skylight crowns a magnificently restored central space, while herringbone floors and contemporary design make guest rooms in which you will want to linger.

This smart, boutique hotel in a modern building has an ultra-handy location surrounded by little shops and tapas bars. The rooftop terrace has a small plunge pool and bar with views over the terracotta rooftops of neighboring grand houses.

Spacious and light filled with a great sense of space thanks to their high ceilings, the rooms are very quiet despite being on a route where trams pass by.

Hotel Legado Alcázar: Hidden in a small cobbled plaza next to the Alcázar royal palace, this converted 17th century mansion is very well placed for visiting the main monuments, and strolling around the city center. I love the balconies and terraces with close-up views of the Alcázar gardens, a true rarity in the city – actually, in any city for that matter.

The hotel’s main courtyard is a beautiful glass-covered area, which leads to two staircases – one with historic handmade bricks and hand-painted tiles, and the second, a contemporary staircase that leads to the upper part of the house. The building’s common areas contain remains of the original walls of the Real Alcázar, some areas dating from the 12th century.

Rooms range from bijou, with archaeological remains under the floor, to majestic, with wood-beamed ceilings, contemporary furniture, garden views and an outdoor balcony shower.

Hotel Cetina: Located at the heart of the quiet pedestrian area, this nice hotel has plenty of Andalusian character but with a minimalist vibe using neutral shades.

On entering the hotel you are greeted by colorful hand-painted ceramic bowls, along with wall and floor tiles, all custom-made in Triana, Seville’s former ceramic tile neighborhood. The public areas have an eclectic urban vibe, where you will find a mixture of leather sofas with Indian crewel-embroidered cushions, upholstered stools, wooden tables and Asian sculptures. A delightfully light library doubles as an informal meeting room.

Rooms feel luxurious and stylish, thanks to striking yellow Baroque-style bedheads. The décor features the strong albero mustard shade – characteristic of Sevillano houses, blue and yellow wall tiles, smart contemporary furniture, and wooden floors.

H10 Casa de la Plata: Just a few steps away from Hotel Cetina, this is a small hotel right in the heart of the city – a pedestrian area surrounded by shops. The fresh design is perfect for someone who is looking for a charming and minimal space.

The interior design of the hotel is inspired by the stately homes of Seville, fusing traditional elements, such as ceramics and tiles typical from the region, with other more contemporary ones, without losing the city’s essence.

The comfortable rooms have a yellow and white color scheme with striking contemporary artworks.


Map of the 5 best boutique hotels in Seville

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