7 cycling tips to safely ride around Seville

cycling tips

Here you have the 7 cycling tips you need to know to safely ride around Seville.

Bicycles are very popular in Seville, especially since the City Council has considerably increased the bike path network length every year and the city has one of the largest one in Europe.

That’s why cycling in Seville is extremely easy. There are bike lanes everywhere and every street is flat. It’s not like Madrid where you go from hill to hill, or like Barcelona where you have to cycle on the sidewalk.

Of course you can go everywhere you like when you rent a bike in Seville, but to give you a sneak preview of how beautiful the city is, here are some ideas of the places you can explore.

Are you considering renting a bike in Seville? Here is a complete guide to rent yours in a breeze.

So go ahead, pick a bike, and follow this 7 safety cycling tips.

Cycling tips #1: Ride with care and avoid distractions

Ride in a straight line and try to be predictable in your movements. Effective positioning will help you be seen on the road.

Avoid any distraction. Don’t use mobile devices or headphones while cycling. Use just one earbud instead, so you can communicate with other road users.

Cycling tips #2: Keep an eye on what is around you

It is essential that you anticipate potential problems. This helps you avoid having to swerve, brake abruptly or make sudden movements that other road users may possibly not anticipate.

Look ahead for rough surfaces, drain covers, road humps, vehicles parked on the side, potholes and puddles. All are obstacles that you will need to avoid.

Looking all around also helps you prepare for junctions, and traffic lights.

Cycling tips #3: Build up a sense of anticipation

Unfortunately, you cannot control what everyone else does, but you can keep an eye out for is going on. For instance:

  • Pedestrians who are not looking where they are going.
  • Dogs without a leash.
  • Children playing with a ball by the side of the road.
  • Distracted drivers.

Once you notice something or someone who has the potential to cause a problem, stay on the alert so that you can react as necessary.

Cycling tips #4: Be careful with car doors

When approaching a parked car, check behind first to make sure it’s safe. Then, move out, leaving at least a door’s width when passing just in case someone flings opens a door into your path.

While you can’t always see whether there is anyone seated in a car on the side you are intending to pass, give plenty of space around the parked car just in case someone opens the car door without looking.

Cycling tips #5: Don’t forget to signal your intentions

One of the best ways to stay safe is by behaving predictably.

Follow the rules of the road and make sure you always signal your intentions. It helps cars, pedestrians and other cyclists understand what to expect from you and where you are going.

Cycling tips #6: Treat the bike path like a regular lane

Quite a lot of cyclists treat the bike path like an island of safety.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. While some are separated by a kerb or pylon, the vast majority are not.

Be cautious! Cars may merge into the bike lane, turn in front of you at an intersection or open their doors into the bike path.

Cycling tips #7: Put down the phone

I shouldn’t even need to say this, but talking on the phone, texting, or checking social media while riding your bike are major no-nos.

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