Dowload your Seville subway map

seville subway map

A free Seville subway map is available at most Metro stations. Go to the ticket office and ask the staff to hand you one. All you have to say is “Un mapa, por favor” (A map, please).

A map is also posted on a big sign of every subway station. It’s perfect because you can always check it on your way in or out.

If you think you are going to use it, here is more information about the different types of tickets.

But… Are you sure that you will be riding the Seville subway?

Download your Seville subway map

Obviously, the best option is to download a map. It’s on a PDF format so you can save it in any device and have a look at it later on. It will help you when planning your itineraries and walks.

Alternatively, you can also have a look and download a tourist Metro map where all the main attractions and sights are located.

Ignore the Seville ​metro map for judging distances between stations and tourist sights; they aren’t to scale!

How to get directions to ride the Seville subway

The best site for getting Seville subway map directions is the official website of Metro Sevilla. Unfortunately, you need to know the names of the departing and arrival stations.

After entering your starting and destination locations, select the type of ticket. Finally, click “Search”.

The site retrieves the fastest of all possible combinations. The route is based on the current date and time providing an estimated time for your trip and the number of transfers and stations.

My favorite option is to use the Metro Sevilla app (available on iOS and Android). You have the same map directions as on the site, but you can carry them with you on your device.

Check the maps displayed at the Seville subway stations

Every Metro Sevilla station has route maps of the system. At the platforms and near every exit is a neighborhood map, a map of the streets and buildings surrounding each subway station. The maps are pictorial and very detailed, so you can see exactly where you will be standing when you emerge from a particular Metro exit stairway.

Have a look at the neighborhood map before you exit the station. You may want to use a different exit stairway so as to be on the sidewalk or the street that suits you best according to your destination.

Additionally, every Metro station access from the street has a big sign with a large map next to it. The information is available in Spanish and English and the signs have built-in illumination so that you can also read the map at night.

What are the best Metro stations in Seville for sightseeing

Unfortunately, the Seville subway is not particularly practical to visit the city.

However, you may plan to stay in the outskirts of the city. Or you are including Seville as part of a roadtrip, in which case you may want to find a parking outside the city, leave your car there and use the Seville subway.

The best Metro stations in Seville for sightseeing is:

Puerta de Jerez: It’s only a few minutes away from the monumental area (Cathedral, Alcázar and Archivo de Indias).

Nervión: If you plan to go to the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuan stadium to attend a Sevilla FC football match.

The ‘Seville In Two Days’ guide all the practical information you need to know to explore the best corners of the city while maximizing your time there.

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