15 captivating things to do in Seville in June (2024)

things to do in seville in june

If you’re planning a trip and wondering about things to do in Seville in June, you’re in for a treat.

Seville is vibrant and full of life, especially in June when the weather is perfect for exploring.

And while June is definitely less crowded that April and May, don’t be fooled – you’ll find a lot of people pretty much everywhere, especially during weekends.

Advance booking of your accommodation, the Cathedral and the Alcázar tickets is a must.

From beautiful historic sites to lively festivals, there’s so much to see and do. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or just looking to soak up the local culture, this guide will give you plenty of ideas to make the most of your visit.

Let’s dive into the top 15 things you absolutely shouldn’t miss in Seville this June!

Experience a traditional bullfight in Seville

Bullfighting is a big part of Seville’s culture, and seeing it up close gives you a special glimpse into this age-old tradition. Even though it’s a bit controversial, if you’re curious and can handle the intensity, it’s definitely an experience worth having.

Try to attend one of the major events of the season. For the best experience, go for shaded seats for comfort and a great view. But don’t worry, the arena is designed so well that you’ll catch all the action no matter where you sit.

Make sure to get there early to soak up the lively atmosphere that Seville is known for. The fights usually kick off at 18:30 and have several rounds, so you’ll have plenty of chances to snap those dramatic moments with your camera.

Take your kids to Isla Mágica

Isla Mágica is a vibrant theme park located not far away from Seville’s city center, and it’s ideal for family fun. A large part of the attractions are themed around transoceanic voyages and different Latin American cultures.

The park features thrilling rides like the Jaguar. Every theme park has a top rollercoaster and this is Isla Mágica’s. The Orinoco Rapids is one of the most fun attractions in the amusement park. Riding on an inflatable raft down this 500-metre long rafting route is ideal for groups. 

For those hot days, the Agua Mágica water park is a perfect spot to cool down with slides and pools.

Kids can enjoy dedicated play areas, and the park provides diverse dining options and souvenir shops, ensuring a full day of entertainment for all ages.

Don’t miss the Museo de Bellas Artes

The Museo de Bellas Artes de Sevilla has one of the most valuable pictorial collections in the country. It’s considered the second most important after the Prado Museum, and among the paintings that you can not miss are the great works of the masters of the Baroque.

Wander through the beautiful halls of this often overlooked museum alongside an English-speaking guide.

The museum is widely know for its collection of Spanish Baroque paintings, having one of the largest in Spain. These include pieces by artists such as Murillo, Velázquez, and Zurbarán.

Discover Seville’s most revered religious treasure

The Macarena Church, also known as the Basílica de la Macarena, is a beautiful Neo-Baroque church. The church was built between 1936 and 1941 and is dedicated to the Virgin of Hope of Macarena, a 17th-century statue that is one of the most revered images in Seville.

The Macarena Church is an important pilgrimage site, especially during Holy Week, when the Virgin of Hope of Macarena is carried through the streets of Seville in a grand procession. The church houses the Museum and Treasure of La Macarena, which contains a vast collection of artistic and sentimental treasures related to the Holy Week processions of Seville.

The church is also a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world who come to admire its beauty and history.

Take a Seville hop-on hop-off bus

The Seville hop-on hop-off bus is a convenient way to explore the city’s top attractions.

These double-decker buses allow you to hop on and off at various landmarks, like the Plaza de España and the Torre del Oro. Using a hop-on hop-off bus in Seville is a convenient and flexible way to see the city, especially if you’re short on time or it’s your first visit.

The most important thing is that you can get to know the city at your own pace and ensure that you see everything you want to. So I always recommend to take this bus as soon as you get to Seville. Then, once you’ve got a glimpse view of the city, you can explore it according to your interests.

Join a local cooking class

Join an expert chef to learn how to make authentic paella from scratch while enjoying local appetizers like olives, Manchego cheese, and Iberian sausage.

Sip on unlimited drinks, including beer, wine, and sangria, and discover traditional cooking techniques and the cultural history of paella. The 2.5-hour session ends with a delicious paella meal on a rooftop terrace with stunning views of Seville.

Suitable for food lovers, couples, and families. Book now and expect a memorable culinary adventure!

Experience the Sevilla FC Stadium Tour

Discover the rich history of Sevilla FC at the club’s museum. Explore Sevilla FC‘s origins, its iconic players, coaches, and the most important trophies. Step onto the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium lawn and sit on the coach’s bench, feeling the excitement of match day.

Built in 1958, the stadium has hosted legendary matches, including the 1982 World Cup semi-final and the 1986 European Cup final. The museum showcases all the trophies, including five Spanish Cups, the Spanish and European Super Cup, and six UEFA Europa League titles.

Enjoy a tour of exclusive areas like the players’ changing rooms, the press room, and the presidential box. Immerse yourself in the vibrant history and experience what it’s like to be part of Sevilla FC.

Step into Centro Cerámica Triana

Centro Cerámica Triana is a museum dedicated to the rich history of ceramics in the Triana neighborhood. You get to see some stunning pieces of pottery and learn about the traditional techniques used by local artisans.

Plus, the building itself is pretty cool, formerly a ceramics factory, now transformed into a space with a mix of old kilns and modern exhibition spaces.

Marvel at the intricate designs and vibrant colors that showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of local artisans. The museum shop offers beautifully crafted ceramics that make perfect souvenirs of your visit.

Go to the Hospital de la Caridad

Founded in the 17th century by Miguel Mañara, a nobleman who had a change of heart and dedicated his life to helping the poor and sick. The hospital was a refuge for the destitute and dying, and it still carries that legacy.

The building itself is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. The church is adorned with intricate carvings, gold leaf, and beautiful frescoes. It houses an impressive collection of artworks, including paintings by Murillo and Valdés Leal. These pieces are not just beautiful but also deeply moving.

If you’re into history, art, and architecture, this place is a must-see. Plus, it’s a bit off the beaten path, so you won’t be elbowing through crowds of tourists.

Explore the amazing Roman ruins of Itálica

Visiting Itálica in Seville is a must for any traveler, especially in June.

Book a half-day guided tour to make the most of this experience. Located in Santiponce, just 10 km from Seville, Itálica is an archaeological site that showcases the grandeur of Roman civilization. Founded in 206 BC, Itálica was the first Roman city in Hispania and outside Italy.

Explore the ruins of this once-bustling metropolis, including the impressive amphitheater, one of the largest of its time, seating 25,000 spectators, and featured in Game of Thrones. Other highlights include the theater, baths, aqueducts, and beautifully preserved mosaic floors in the homes of wealthy Romans.

So, lace up your comfortable shoes, pack some water, and prepare for a journey back in time!

Experience the Flamenco Museum

Discover the heart of flamenco at Seville’s Flamenco Museum, established by renowned dancer Cristina Hoyos. This 4-story museum, complete with a beautiful inner courtyard, celebrates the vibrant art of flamenco.

Each night, the museum hosts an unforgettable flamenco show that lasts about an hour. Whether you’re a dance enthusiast or not, the energy and passion of the performance will captivate you. For the best experience, arrive early to secure a front-row seat and enjoy a close-up view of the incredible footwork.

Don’t miss this cultural gem in Seville!

Stroll around Parque de María de Luisa

This enchanting park is one of Seville’s crown jewels and a delightful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Plaza de España, located within the park, is a must-see. You can even rent a rowboat for a romantic paddle around the canal. Plaza de América is flanked by two beautiful pavilions and the peaceful atmosphere make it a perfect spot for relaxing and people-watching.

June is a wonderful time to visit Maria Luisa Park. The weather in Seville is warm but not yet at the peak summer heat, making it ideal for exploring the outdoors.

Marvel at Casa de Salinas

Casa de Salinas is a 16th-century palace in the historic center of Seville, offering a unique glimpse into the lives of the aristocratic Salinas family. Actually, it’s one of the few palaces in Seville where the current owners still live, offering a rare opportunity to see how modern people can live in such a historic setting.

This palace is a well-preserved example of a traditional Andalusian noble residence, showcasing the architectural styles of the time. Take a 25-minute guided tour of the palace, which provides insight into the history of the Salinas family and their way of life.

The palace features stunning architecture, beautiful rooms, and picturesque courtyards, making it a must-see if you’re a history buff or an architecture enthusiast.

Explore a local market and our delicious gastronomy

Discover the flavors of Spain with a tapas tour at Seville’s Triana Market, a former castle turned foodie paradise. Join an English-speaking guide who will reveal the market’s hidden gems.

Start your adventure by exploring the vibrant market, then enjoy a glass of wine just like the locals. Savor a variety of delicious tapas at the best bars in the market, and learn about the rich history and preparation of Spanish cuisine.

By the end of the tour, you’ll understand why Spanish food is celebrated for its simplicity and incredible taste.

See Seville from the Guadalquivir River

Set sail on a captivating Guadalquivir River cruise in Seville, offering stunning views and a peek into the city’s rich history. During this 1.5-hour journey, you’ll glide past Seville’s iconic landmarks, such as the historic Maestranza bullring and the picturesque Puente de Triana bridge.

The cruise departs near the Torre del Oro and provides a relaxing experience whether you choose to stay in the cozy cabin or enjoy the sunlit deck.

Perfect for all ages, this trip combines leisure and learning, presenting Seville’s vibrant neighborhoods and monuments from a fresh perspective.

Seville weather in June

Due to the hot and dry conditions, June is an excellent time for outdoor activities in Seville. The low chance of rain and abundant sunshine make it ideal for sightseeing, visiting parks, and enjoying outdoor events.

However, it’s essential to stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade to manage the heat effectively.

Temperatures in June in Seville

In June, Seville really starts to heat up compared to May. The summer kicks in fully, and along with the rising temperatures, you’ll notice the sky is a clear, deep blue.

Plus, the humidity drops, making it feel even more like summer.

  • In June, Seville experiences hot weather. The average high temperature reaches 32°C (90°F), while the average low is around 18°C (64°F). This means days can be quite hot, and nights remain warm.
  • Seville enjoys extended daylight hours in June. On average, there are 14.7 hours of daylight, providing plenty of time for activities. Of these, about 10.6 hours are sunny, ensuring bright and sunny days.
  • June is a dry month in Seville. The city receives only about 10 mm (0.39 in) of rain throughout the month, spread over approximately 1.3 days. This makes it unlikely (only a 2% chance) for rain to disrupt outdoor plans. There’s an average relative humidity of 43% and the average wind speed is 18.5 kph (11.5 mph).
  • You can check the forecast for your trip on your mobile weather app or on my favorite website/app – Windy.

What to wear in June in Seville

The mornings begin warm. Having your first coffee, you’ll be happy dressed in the lightest clothes, or short sleeves – appearing casual and attractive alongside great-looking Sevillanos.

By noon the sun is burning hot and it stays hot during the long afternoon, so it’s best to dress very lightly and not be carrying garments around with you.

Here’s what you should pack to stay comfortable:

  • Wear lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen are ideal. Avoid synthetic materials.
  • Short-sleeved tops and casual dresses are perfect for the day. Light pants or shorts are great for daytime wear. A cardigan or light jacket for cooler evenings.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must. Opt for sneakers or sandals with good support to handle Seville’s cobblestone streets.
  • When visiting religious sites, cover your shoulders and knees. A scarf or shawl can help with this.
  • Don’t forget the following accessories: Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, a hat for additional sun protection, sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, and a good crossbody bag that is secure and convenient for carrying essentials.

Accommodation in Seville in June

Just like April and May, June in Seville is still high season for hotels (until the temperatures skyrocket!), which means high prices.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you may find a bargain, especially if you look early. If you’re traveling at this time, I recommend that you lock in your accommodations as far in advance as possible.

Is June a good time to visit?

June days are long and sunny and pleasant, and still not too hot (yet). But keep in mind that temperatures start rising dramatically throughout the month…

So it’s very appealing to be in Seville at that time.

And, you can combine your visit to Seville with a visit to the seaside, which makes having Seville as your home base even more attractive.

Now the big question: Is it crowded in Seville in June?

Yes, June in Seville is typically very crowded. 

Plan for high airfares and hotel rates, and plan for crowds.

But plan ahead and book what you can in advance to avoid long lines, such as at the Alcázar or the Cathedral.

You want to skip the line and you want to save money. Then, don’t think twice and get your Sevilla Card right now.

And try to get off the beaten path to avoid the crowds if you can.

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15 captivating things to do in Seville in June (2024)

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