Experience an authentic flamenco show in Seville

Are you keen to see a flamenco show? Seville offers a wide variety of relatively small and intimate venues where you may discover your passion for flamenco.

If you plan to visit Seville, you should definitely immerse yourself into the contagious passion of a flamenco show and experience it first hand in all its glory.

Whether you want to go to a tablao flamenco, you are looking for a traditional show or you prefer an authentic flamenco show, Seville offers you a full array of experiences.

You don’t know where to go with so many choices… Well, here is the best flamenco show in Seville for you.


Where can you experience an authentic flamenco show in Seville?

Look for authenticity, avoid tourist traps.

Avoid those tablaos (or other venues where flamenco shows are performed) located on main streets and tourist areas. They are not really a tourist trap in the sense that no one is going to rip off… But the experience you will have is not up to the mark.

For a real and authentic flamenco show, trust this personal advice!

I’ve listed them below from the most obvious to the ones only Sevillanos know and go to. And I have also added some practical information to help you choose the one that suits you best.


La Casa de la Memoria

Address: Calle Cuna, 6

Shows: Every day of the year. 1st show at 19:30, 2nd show at 21:00. Depending on the season, it also organizes shows at 22:30.

Tickets: Drink + show (available online)

La Casa de la Memoria is one of the most beautiful places where you can attend a flamenco art show. The location is within the former carriage house of one of Seville’s most well known monuments: the Palacio de Lebrija.

The flamenco show takes place in a unique, intimate room not far away from the central patio, very typical of Sevillian traditional houses (e.g. Casa de Pilatos, Palacio de Lebrija). The performance features singing, dancing and guitar playing by a rotation of some of the best flamenco artists from Seville.

The place is relatively small so I recommend you to book in advance.

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Museo del Baile Flamenco

Address: Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3

Shows: Every day of the year. 1st show from 19:00 to 20:00, 2nd show from 20:45 to 21:45.

Tickets: Show or show + museum ticket (available online)

The Museo del Baile Flamenco was founded by one of the most famous Spanish bailaoras, Cristina Hoyos. She has been dancing since she was 12 years old and started her own dancing company in 1989. Cristina is probably the most awarded flamenco dancer.

Visiting the museum is a great experience because it will give you an idea of what flamenco is, know more about its origin and learn its different styles. On top of it, the museum organizes an espectaculo flamenco every day of the year. The show lasts one hour approximately and the list of artists is very long so you can see a different group performing every day.

In addition to this, the museum offers the chance to attend to flamenco and sevillanas lessons depending on the season.

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Tablao Álvarez Quintero

Address: Calle Álvarez Quintero, 48

Shows: Every day of the year. 1st show from 19:00 to 20:00, 2nd show from 20:30 to 21:30.

Tickets: Only the show, no food or drinks are included (available online)

The auditorium is a cultural space where you can enjoy an intimate espectáculo flamenco. It’s located in the basement of a traditional Sevillian house, dating from the 19th century. There are approximately 90 folding chairs where you can seat so it’s a very small and cozy venue. Actually, it might be the smallest flamenco venue of the city!

The stage is not really big so there are generally 3 to 5 people performing: a singer, a dancer and a guitar player. It’s something very different from what you can see in other tablaos considerably bigger.

However, it doesn’t mean that the quality of the show will not fulfill your expectations. The auditorium is a family run business and the owners have been involved with flamenco art in Seville for many years.

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El Callejón del Embrujo

Address: Calle Argote de Molina, 26

Shows: Every night. The show starts at 20:30 and ends at 21:15.

Tickets: Tapas + show or menu à la carte + show (available online)

El Callejón del Embrujo is located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, the heart of Seville’s Jewish quarter. The stage of this tablao is inside an old Clarissian nuns convent dating from the 15th-century. This creates a very intimate and close atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy the show at a short distance from the artists.

This tablao was founded by a group with a long and distinguished career in the world of flamenco, all of whom are members of the Cristina Heeren Foundation. Hence, the quality is the performance is truly outstanding.

Either before or after the show, when it suits you best, you can enjoy a wonderful dinner with a menu prepared with local products from the region by one of the most traditional Sevillian restaurants.

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Tablao Orillas de Triana

Address: Calle Castilla, 94

Shows: From Wednesday to Saturday. The show starts at 20:30 and ends at 21:30.

Tickets: Only the show, no food or drinks are included (available online)

Is there any place in the world where you can enjoy flamenco more than in Seville? I don’t think so either! Located in Triana, right on the banks of the river Guadalquivir, the Tablao Orillas de Triana offers a great traditional flamenco show.

From Wednesday to Saturday two bailaores (man and woman) display their art. Make sure you  appreciate the difference between the male and female styles of dancing. Furthermore, the guitarist plays a solo and the singer performs a few songs. At the end, all the musicians play and the artists dance traditional sevillanas and bulerías.

Don’t miss the chance to go and enjoy a magical night in Triana!

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