Guide to feel flamenco: Seville tablaos and other venues

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Ah! Flamenco… Seville is considered its cradle. In fact a vast majority of famous flamenco artists were born or started their career in Seville.

Flamenco seems to be everywhere: in bars, from open windows in summertime or being performed out of the blue. Artists range from unknown young talents to internationally renowned ones, and the passion and sentiment are always present.

But if you really have no clue of where to go… Well, this is the best flamenco show in Seville.

Seville is an artistically diverse city and there are always lots of spectacles and shows going on.

As result, the offer of flamenco is endless and you can choose among many options where flamenco dancing and singing are beautifully performed:

  • You can experience the passion of flamenco in professional tablaos where glamour and luxury are very present – they are upscale places.
  • Or you can go for a smaller, more intimate and traditional venue. Here, young local artists perform nightly in the main patio, in old but restored houses that were once a palace.
  • Alternatively, you can look for a flamenco bar, where flamenco is spontaneous and genuine.

You’re in Seville… Explore the city and find out what the flamenco fuss is all about!

For a complete show, go to a tablao flamenco

What is a tablao flamenco?

In plain and simple words, a tablao is a dedicated flamenco performance venue.

While the performances are designed for tourists, they are real and riveting, and a great value.

And the good news is that in the tablao, care is taken from the distribution of the seats to the lighting.

Acoustics are also very important, even in the case of the stage’s floor, as it must convey a clean, powerful and good quality sound so you can clearly hear the heel of the dancers against the wood. This is a key element of the interpretation and percussion of flamenco.

Nowadays, tablaos are still the best places to enjoy this art in full swing: from its passionate singing and beautiful music to its elegant dancing.

And Seville is full of them!

Small flamenco venues in Seville

What is the difference between smaller venues and the tablaos?

There are fewer performers (usually between 3-5 people including singers, dancers and musicians), and the shows are often more improvised.

In my opinion, the best feature is that the premises are usually small with an intimate and concentrated atmosphere, so that you and the rest of the audience can enjoy each performance to the maximum. Most of them have only enough stage space for 1-2 dancers, but you can’t beat the vibe these people create.

In addition to this, they have very limited places available, making the experience much more exclusive and personal.

These smaller venues generally don’t offer food, but you can enjoy a very good hour-long show at a very reasonable price.

Flamenco bars and peñas flamencas in Seville

If you want to catch one of those authentic flamenco shows in a tiny backstreet venue, where the performers rock up in jeans and start jamming, you can go to

  • A flamenco bar. Here you’ll experience impromptu flamenco.
  • A peña flamenca. It’s a cultural association dedicated to flamenco that organizes different events: concerts, recitals, open mic nights, etc.

Why should you go to these places?

Because here is where the magic happens. And here’s where locals go.

This is not the precise, polished, glamorous flamenco that big known artists perform. This is real, living, breathing flamenco at its absolute best.

So it’s hot. Sweaty. Crazily loud… And utter bliss!

Don’t leave until the end. Otherwise you’ll miss out of what is possibly the magic of this place –  the flamenco jam.

It’s the point at which the singer will call up people he knows from the audience. Every one: singers, dancers, they’ll all come forwards.

And that’s when the magic unfurls in front of you. You may even feel as I do, grateful to get for the briefest of moments the passion that’s at the very core of Seville. You’ll get swept away with the feeling!

Spirited flamenco singing still erupts spontaneously in bars throughout the old town after midnight – but you need to know where to look…

Map of Seville flamenco venues

The map below shows the exact location of a long list of places where you can attend a flamenco show.

I have located all my favorite flameco venues in Seville – tablaos, smaller locales and bares flamencos.

I recommend you to pick the right one for you according to your preferences, your flamenco knowledge and the distance from your accommodation.

This article is part of a complete guide about flamenco in Seville where you can read everything you need to know about flamenco and how to fully enjoy it.

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