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Unsurprisingly flamenco classes have become very popular in Seville. They are a perfect way to connect with the dancing culture of a city famous for being the origin of flamenco.

You’ll learn and improve your flamenco technique with a specialist in this traditional dance from the South of Spain.

“My teacher was so supportive and patient. I learned so much about the dance and its many facets. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to develop their dancing what ever level but be prepared to work hard!” — Mark (Manchester, UK)

Take flamenco classes while in Seville

This flamenco class experience is for beginners. And even for absolute beginners!

Fall in love with the arm and hand movements and put your own into practice whether you are male or female. Enjoy trying a variety of movements to find the ones you like best.

You’ll start from zero thanks to a brief introduction of flamenco’s origins, concepts and culture.

There is something in this dance that captivates: passion, soul, emotion, tension, energy. Can you feel it? How can you express it?

With the help of your teacher, you’ll go on barking everything into pieces:

  • Basic body positions.
  • Professional footwork.
  • Flamenco rhythms and hand clapping.
  • Basic arms-hands work.

After feeling comfortable with them, you’ll start matching the pieces so you cap practice and dance a fun flamenco routine in one flamenco style with local taste wearing a typical shawl and a big flamenco flower or a flamenco scarf. Just be ready to surprise yourself!

If you decide to attend a flamenco show, this will give you a better understanding of its intensity, the difficulties of performing and the hours of practice it requires.

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“It was absolutely wonderful. Great instructors and a good mix of skills taught, not only dancing but also clapping.” — Debra (London, UK)

What will you learn during your flamenco classes

In this course you’ll pick up the essential foot/heel rhythms, posture, strength and body control, as well as hand movements and expression.

These flamenco dance lessons is suitable for all, whether you have danced before or are a complete novice. The teacher will support you and adapt the lesson to your needs.

At the end of the flamenco dance classes you’ll know about posture and position in dance, understand rhythms and body control, lose inhibitions and gain confidence.

You’ll learn the basics of flamenco dance

The goal of each class is to help students acquire the essential characteristics and vocabulary of flamenco dance including braceo (arm work), posture, precise taconeo (footwork), and to encourage self-expression. Various teaching techniques are used to accommodate different learning styles.

You’ll learn flamenco hand clapping

Acquiring the skill of doing palmas (rhythmic hand-clapping) improves compás (rhythm) and coordination. By giving palmas for each other, you’ll learn the art of accompanying and communicating with others – an important part of the flamenco adventure.

Hand clapping is an integral part of flamenco music with its own techniques, guidelines and etiquette. Clapping hands may seem like a basic thing to practice. The challenge begins when you vary the technique to create different sounds, keep a consistent sound, stay on a steady beat, stay on a steady counter beat, and then move your body, sing, or provide jaleo (encouraging shouts to performers) while doing it all.

Your teacher will guide you step by step to practice a routine while improving your performance and technique. You’ll receive friendly feedback throughout so that you don’t miss anything.

Somewhere, deep inside, there’s a flamenco dancer in us all. Have fun finding yours!

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“It was one of the highlights of our stay in Seville. But it wasn’t just the lesson with Lidia, who was such a lovely teacher with the patience of an angel, but also the overall experience with the school. They made our entire stay more special.” — Sammy (Chicago, USA)

Flamenco dance lessons frequently asked questions

Who are your flamenco classes for?

Absolutely everyone! The school welcomes men and women of all ages; children can start from the age of 5. Flamenco is an extremely inclusive art form and classes are very diverse.

I have never danced flamenco before. Can I attend?

Of course! There are courses for absolute beginners which require no previous experience. The school also runs regular taster sessions for anyone keen to understand what to expect from the classes. Although you’ll surely catch the flamenco bug after attending one of these tasters, there is never any obligation to carry on should you change your mind.

Who will teach me?

Only excellent, experienced tutors.

What should I wear?

  • You have a wide range of options: flamenco shoes, character shoes, folklorico shoes, jazz sneakers, or flat soled sneakers (Nike, Converse or similar styles).
  • Try to wear athletic clothing you can move in (e.g. a fitted shirt and stretch or athletic pants).
  • Alternatively, long fitted rehearsal skirt is recommended for women as the skirt is part of the dance. If you don’t have one, don’t panic, it’s not really necessary.
  • If you have long hair, keep it hair tied up and out of your face.
  • Avoid any dangly jewelry.

What levels do you offer and which one is suitable for me?

We offer a comprehensive selection of levels. Have a look at next section for more details.

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“The class was absolutely excellent, our instructor Maria was so knowledgeable and made the class such a fun experience. I will be recommending her to everyone who goes to Seville and would DEFINITELY take a class with her again in the future. Many thanks for everything, it has been the highlight of my trip!” — Everdine (Delft, Netherlands)

What is your flamenco dancing level

To know what level you are and help you choose the most suited flamenco classes, here’s a list of guidelines:

  • Beginners level: You are a student who doesn’t have any previous experience with flamenco dance.
  • Beginners with some knowledge level: You are a student who has already had previous experience with flamenco dance – from 6 months to 2 years, once or twice weekly.
  • Intermediate level: You are a student who has acquired a basic knowledge of the different body techniques performed in flamenco dance (e.g. footwork, arms, etc.) and who has already worked with complete choreographies of some basic forms such as tangos or alegrías. You have between 2 and 3 years experience.
  • Advanced Intermediate level: You are a student who has achieved technical control and possess extensive knowledge of the techniques of flamenco dance and forms like bulerías, seguiriyas and soleás. You have at least 3 years experience.

You can be at any level, literally.

In the past the school has had people who had barely danced flamenco at all to people who had been dancing for 5+ years, together in the same classes. And it worked. As long as you’re open to learning and ready to dance, you’ll be fine.

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“Great experience! I loved this lesson, the teacher was so kind, patient and joyful. I highly recommend this class!” — Agnieszka (Warsaw, Poland)

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