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The Seville Alcazar garden

The Seville Alcazar garden is a very important element of the palace. Actually, the Alcázar has several gardens with a variety of names and styles. A stroll around the gardens is one of the most recommended activities while on holiday in Seville.


The Royal Alcazar: Spain’s oldest palace

One of my favorite places in Seville is the Royal Alcazar. Spain has dozens of them spread all over the country but only six are Royal. They are located in Seville, Madrid, Córdoba, Segovia, Toledo and Guadalajara (the three last ones are towns close to Madrid). I’ve visited all six and the most impressive and beautiful is the Sevillian one.


The Royal Alcazar, Seville

Known as the Royal Alcazar, Seville’s Royal Palace was originally a Moorish fort built in the 10th century by the first Caliph of Andalucía. The construction of the current Royal Alcázar began in the 14th century. It is the best example of Mudejar architectural style in Spain, although Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements can be found as well.

Alcázar is a Spanish word, synonym of fortified castle. Actually, it comes from the Arabic word al qasr that means palace or fortress. Many cities in Spain still use Alcázar to name an ancient Muslim palace or royal residence from the time of the Moorish invasion.


The Giralda Tower is the symbol of Seville

The Giralda tower is one of the highlights of Seville and one of its most representative buildings. It is the most visited monument of the city along with the Cathedral and you should definitely not miss it.

The importance of the Giralda is justified because it is the bell tower of one of the largest churches in the world (the Cathedral of Seville is the 3rd biggest one in the world) and also, because it is one of the finest examples of the cultural blend that defines Spain.


The Seville Cathedral

The Seville Cathedral is the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world and also the 3rd biggest one in terms of size, after Saint Peter (the Vatican) and Saint Paul (London, UK). Its construction started in 1401, after the Christians reconquered Seville, and it ended in 1506.


The city of Sevilla has some secret places off the beaten path

The city of Sevilla is among the most visited ones in Spain. It is a very special place, with magnificent and idyllic aesthetics that will make you feel its glamour and exotism.


A Sevilla tourism highlight: the Hospital de los Venerables

One of Sevilla tourism highlights, the Hospital de los Venerables is definitely a not to miss building of the city. It is located in the most ancient neighborhood, the Barrio de Santa Cruz, also known as the Judería as it used to be the Jewish quarter.