The Seville Alcazar garden

alcazar garden

The Seville Alcazar garden is a very important element of the palace. Actually, the Alcázar has several gardens with a variety of names and styles. A stroll around the gardens is one of the most recommended activities while on holiday in Seville.

These beautiful gardens are breathtaking and will inspire you an incredible calm. If you have some time, I recommend spending at least one hour wandering around and discovering little details and hidden corners. Actually, they are my favorite gardens in Andalucia, more authentic than other parks in Seville (Parque de Maria Luisa or the Murillo Gardens) or the Alhambra ones in Granada.

Instead of describing them, here is a sample of what you can find at the Alcázar Gardens. And if you keep reading, I’ll let you know my favorite spots…

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Free admission to the Alcazar of Seville is included with the Sevilla Card.

If you plan to visit the Alcázar, have a look at the practical information.

Guided visit of the Royal Alcázar

With a 3-hour guided tour of the Alcázar, you can see Seville like you’ve never seen it before.

Additionally, you can explore the best Seville has to offer – the magnificence of the Cathedral, the overwhelming views from the Giralda and the romance of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, Seville’s oldest quarter.

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My favorite corners

The views from the little castle at the Mercury Gardens (Jardines de Mercurio).

The fountains’ music at the Troy Garden (Jardín de Troya).

The underground garden called Doña María de Padilla’s Bath. You can access it from the Dance Garden. It gives you the impression of being at some sort of catacombs or Roman bath.

Check out the intense fuchsia of the bougainvillea and the peacocks.

Want to try to get to the center of the maze?

Apart of the gardens, you can visit other parts of the Alcázar that are absolutely stunning.

Oh, and you should go back to the Patio de la Montería and enter the most impressive building of the Alcázar, the Mudejar Palace.

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