7 cool things to do on New Year’s Eve in Seville (2023)

new years eve in seville

You don’t know what to do on New Year’s Eve in Seville… No problem! Here you have a few ideas of cool plans to welcome in the New Year in style!

A quick note about New Year’s Eve in Seville

There is no US style of New Year’s Eve celebration in Seville.

The bars and restaurants begin shutting down around mid afternoon on New Year’s eve eve. By dark, it comes early, most areas were closed and streets vacant.

Seville has a tradition of the locals gathering on Plaza Nueva, in front of the big clock, just prior to midnight with 12 grapes.

But beware because by 0:30 everyone leaves and either goes back home or to a big club to keep partying. As a matter of fact, most young Spaniards celebrate at midnight with their families and then go out to clubs around from 1:00 onward. People are incredibly dressed up (dresses for women, suits and ties for men) and the clubs charge a high sum (50€/person or more) to let you in.

The same goes for New Year’s Day as nothing is open. The exception are the restaurants associated with large hotels and they were packed with tourists. It’s a very peaceful day with lots of people strolling on the streets, in the parks, and just in general hanging out.

So if you can’t think a bit out of the box, here are a few ideas…

1. Treat yourself with a New Year’s special menu

A selected number of the most popular restaurants prepare a special menu you can enjoy on New Year’s Eve in Seville. While most Spaniards celebrate New Year’s Eve at home, you could be one of the many visitors that decide to celebrate in Seville with a superb a meal.

The options are endless, since you could for example go to the finest hotel in town, the Hotel Alfonso XIII to have a luxurious dinner. Alternatively, you could book a table at the cutting-edge Abades de Triana where you can enjoy some wonderful views of the old town from the other side of the Guadalquivir. Other interesting options are:

Celebrate the New Year in style in one of Seville’s best hotels, and make this moment a night to remember.

2. Indulge yourself with a relaxing Arab baths experience

A hammam is a place entirely dedicated to relaxation and well being, where you escape to pamper yourself.

The Aire de Sevilla Arab baths offer some of the most luxurious facilities in Andalucía to enjoy this long lost custom. Ultimately, the objective is to run away from the noise and stress outside and chill out while having a nice time in a silent and half-light space.

Rest your muscles with a dip in the hot thermal bath, and stimulate your senses with a splash in the cold pool before decompressing either in the warm pool or in the salt bath located underground.

3. Eat the traditional 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve in Seville

New Year’s Eve in Spain is called Nochevieja that stands for “The Old Night”. Hundreds of people wearing wigs, hats and masks get together, with hands full of confetti and grapes, waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

The most famous celebration happens in Madrid, most specifically Puerta del Sol square.

Here in Seville people gather at Plaza Nueva, right in front of the City Hall. It’s without a doubt the most iconic place in Seville to hear the 12 chimes, and eat your grapes. The square is packed, with lots of noise and cheering especially as the clock approaches midnight and begins tolling.

According to tradition, it’s believed that whoever eats their 12 grapes as the bells chime (1 for each of the 12 chimes) will have a lucky and prosperous year.

A quick word of advice: Although it may seem an easy task – after all, it’s only 12 grapes – getting them all in your mouth before the bells stop chiming is actually quite hard. To improve your chances of success, make sure you choose small grapes!

With each stroke of the bells eat 1 of the grapes. Once you’re done, it’s midnight so you can wish your neighborhoods good fortunate for the next year. Apart from the grapes, bring some champagne to toast with your family and friends. Then, enjoy some small fireworks.

4. Enjoy a cruise on the Guadalquivir River

Climb aboard a sightseeing boat to cruise beside the picturesque banks of the Guadalquivir River and celebrate New Year’s Eve like a V.I.P.!

This is a very popular plan among locals and tourists, so be quick before the tickets run out. Several companies like Cruceros Torre del Oro organize a dinner that ends with the countdown, in an idyllic setting, on the Guadalquivir River.

5. Head to a New Year’s Eve party

How will you be ringing in 2023?

Dancing on a rooftop? Catching a fireworks display? Ice-skating against the backdrop of an iconic building? Sipping cocktails in a secret speakeasy?

The choices are endless in Seville, one of the best places in the world to spend New Year’s Eve. An eclectic mix of parties are taking place across the city’s jazziest bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels…

At the EME Cathedral Hotel, you can eat the grapes at one of the best rooftop bars in Seville, and take in the stunning views of the Cathedral and its bell-tower, La Giralda, as you party the night away!

Feel like something a bit more luxurious? Then get your cocktail dress out and book into the New Year’s Gala at the extravagant Hotel Alfonso XIII. This all-encompassing experience includes a sit down meal followed by a cocktail party that runs until 5:00.

6. Enjoy an authentic flamenco show

On the 31st of December enjoy a unique night and enjoy a pure and traditional flamenco show, performed by a great cast of dancers, guitarists, and singers .

The dinner includes our usual and elaborate special menu, paired with a selected wine list. You will welcome the new year with the traditional Spanish lucky grapes and start 2023 with a great party, and live music.

Seville is a perfect place to see flamenco in the land where this dancing style was born. But, with an abundance of venues, finding the right show can be a tricky. Here is a list of places where you can enjoy a traditional flamenco show.

7. Eat chocolate con churros on New Year’s Eve in Seville

Another tradition, far more practical than grape eating, is the stop for chocolate con churros on the way home after spending an awesome New Year’s Eve in Seville.

Go for churros if you’re hungry after your New Year’s Eve party – they’re delicious and it’s a real pleasure to dip your churros into this velvety chocolate sauce…


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7 cool things to do on New Year’s Eve in Seville (2023)

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