Sevilla Card: great city pass to save money and time

The Sevilla Card is a city pass or tourist card. As soon as you start planning your trip to Seville you should get this city pass before you leave home.

Due to internal changes about the inclusions and the rates, the Sevilla Card is currently unavailable.

I will inform you about the reopen sales as soon as possible. Sorry for all the inconveniences but this is completely out of my hand!


It is a pass and discount card good for a 3 consecutive days with full access to over 15 attractions and tours. You’ll be provided special discounts and you’ll go to the front of the ticket line at all the sights.

On top of it, you’ll receive a map and a tourist guide with lots of information about the sights and all the services included. Can you ask for more?

To make things easier, your Sevilla Pass is a smart card. It includes a chip with all your details and the package of attractions that you have purchased. It will be activated the first time you use it, not at the time of purchase.

It’s an all-inclusive package that will help you save time and money, so once you get to Seville you can start visiting the city right away!

Arrange everything from your computer and buy it online instantly!


What is in the Sevilla Card for you?

The Sevilla Card includes

  • Free admission to selected museums and monuments in Seville.
  • Walk past the line-ups at all of these selected sights.
  • You’ll also get some great extra perks and discounts (flamenco shows, restaurants, shops).
  • A city map and a complete guidebook with all the practical information.
  • 2 glasses of wine in two trendy bars of Seville!

This pass is a real financial value. You’ll benefit from a shorcutting lines, you’ll enter lots of museums and sights, and you can tour the city at your own pace.

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How does the Sevilla Card work?

First, purchase your Sevilla Card online.

As soon as you have done so, you will receive a confirmation email including a voucher. Print it and bring it with you to redeem your city pass once you are in Seville.

To do so go to a shop called Iconos, located in Avenida de la Constitución, 21. The opening times are 10:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Saturday and 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday.

Once in the shop, hand in your voucher together with an identification. To avoid any mistake, write on the back of the card your name and the date you will start using it. Now that everything is set, get the most out of your Sevilla Card!


The best deal: Sevilla Card + Alcázar & Cathedral guided tour

In addition to this, you can buy an upgraded city pass Sevilla Card that includes a guided tour of the Cathedral and the Alcázar in English!

Every single person that comes to Seville has both the Cathedral and the Alcázar at the top of their to do list and for a reason. First, Seville’s Gothic Cathedral is the third largest in the world. Then, the Alcázar is one of the “big three” Moorish monuments that visitors flock to Andalusia to visit.

So on top of skipping a usually long line you get to enjoy a guided tour around them!

This tour is available from Monday to Saturday at 11:30. All you have to do is book yours as soon as you redeem your card with your printed voucher. It couldn’t be easier!

Therefore, I strongly advise you not to wait to get to Seville to figure things out, such as how to buy museum tickets. Have a city pass with you and arrive in Seville ready to start having fun. And that’s very easy to do, just go to the Sevilla Card website and order yours.

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Why should you buy a Sevilla card?

It’s cheaper to buy this card than to buy all the tickets separately, so you’ll save a lot of money.

Most importantly, it will save you lots of time and you’ll avoid long lines! All the sights, including the very popular Seville Cathedral and the Alcázar, have a “priority access” that you can benefit from.

Once you purchase the Seville city pass you are instantly booking your tickets in advance. This means that your admittance is guaranteed. Bear in mind that you can visit every attraction only once, so make sure the day of your planned visit the facility is open!

The main advantage of buying it in advance since it won’t expire until after you start using it. For example, if  you activate your Sevilla Card at 9:30 on a Saturday, it will be operational until 9:30 on Tuesday.

This pass also gives you special discounts at top-notch restaurants, flamenco shows like the ones performed at the Auditorio Álvarez Quintero and the beautiful Arab Baths.

With so much to see and do, the Seville city pass is the best tool to simplify your trip. You will save time, money and everything will be solved from day one. You don’t need to wait to get to Seville to arrange everything when you can do it now.

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