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What is Easter? Semana Santa activities in Seville

“What is Easter?” is probably the most frequent question I am asked when it comes to Seville. And I can understand why: apart from the Cathedral, the Alcázar and other hidden gems, this gorgeous city is very well know for its Holy Week celebrations.


Semana Santa dates in Seville, Spain

Semana Santa dates are flexible. In other words, they vary from year to year and can take place from later March to late April.


Semana Santa in Spain: Holy Week glossary

As in many other cities in Spain, Holy Week celebrations in Seville are really impressive. It is definitely my favorite holiday for many reasons. The city transforms itself into a place of repentance, grief and symbolic darkness, despite the aesthetic couldn’t be more colorful.


7 tips for appreciating the Holy Week, Seville (Spain)

Explore the Holy Week, Seville (Spain)! The Semana Santa is observed from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. For 7 days, crowds of people join the brotherhoods (hermandades and cofradias) with austerity, fervor and enthusiasm.

If you intend to see it in Sevilla, you will soon realize that it is one of the most original and genuine celebrations in the world. To make it an unforgettable experience, follow some hints and rules that will help you such an amazing festival and understand its customs.


Holy Week Seville: Semana Santa’s recommendations

There’s nothing greater than Holy Week, Seville’s biggest celebration of the year. Between Palm Sunday and Easter, 60 processions will take place. So many cofradias and pasos invade the streets simultaneously that you’ll need to have a look at the schedule to plan your route.


Easter activities: daily schedule of the Semana Santa processions

Easter activities must be perfectly organized. In this sense, the processions’ schedule has to be strictly respected.

Take into account that 60 brotherhoods cover the streets of Seville from their home church to the Cathedral, showing public penance. This means that more than 60,000 nazarenos and penitentes flood the city in just a week.


Semana Santa in Seville: pasos, costaleros and nazarenos

Semana Santa in Seville is probably the most famous Holy Week celebration in the world.


Sevilla Semana Santa: hermandades and cofradias

In Sevilla, Semana Santa is the most important event of the year for the hermandades and cofradias (brotherhoods). During the rest of the year they work and prepare the processions that will take place during the Holy Week. But they also carry on other religious activities.


Semana Santa: Sevilla’s Holy Week and Easter procesiones are famous in Spain

The procesiones de Semana Santa, Sevilla’s most important traditional events, happen once a year and it’s part of the cultural legacy of the city. It is definitely one of the most important events and probably one of the world’s most impressive spectacles.