Seville Feria’s amusement park: la Calle del Infierno (Hell’s Road)

The Seville Feria has an amusement park of its own, that is set up for week as well as the casetas.

At the Feria you can dance, eating, drink and watch beautiful carriages during the paseo de caballos.

But you can also enjoy a real carnival while going up in the big wheel and eating lots of cotton candy. As you can imagine, this big area attracts lots of visitors, especially the little ones…

The amusement park of the Feria is located in an area called La Calle del Infierno, which can be translated as Hell’s Road. This huge area of approximately 64,000 square meters (688,890 square feet) holds more than 500 activities. If you like big wheels go for it because the aerial views of the Ferial that you have from the top are spectacular.

In addition to the traditional rides such as the big wheel, bumper cars and a roller coaster (sometimes even more than one!) there are tombolas, a bingo hall, the camel race, the water pistols and many more attractions. Actually, believe it or not there’s even a circus with clowns, trapeze artists, tamers and lots of animals!

Additionally, there are also food areas and food stalls where you can eat hamburgers, hot dogs, sweets and my favorite – chocolate con churros! Although pretty heavy, they are the perfect ending for a long day at the Feria de Abril, after enjoying the paseo de caballos, dancing lots of sevillanas and taking a ride on the roller coaster.

You couldn’t ask for more!


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