Celebrate Three Kings’ Day in Seville attending the parade (2024)

three kings day in seville

Three Kings’ Day in Seville is a unique and culturally rich celebration. Known in Spanish as Día de los Reyes Magos, this enchanting festivity, deeply rooted in Spanish traditions, holds a special place in the hearts of Sevillanos.

This celebration fuses centuries-old traditions with a vibrant parade, making it a vital cultural event that bridges generations and showcases the city’s rich heritage.

During the afternoon and part of the evening of the 5th of January, the Three Magic Kings go out on parade through the city, to amuse the children before the expected distribution of gifts. This sweet-throwing parade attract crowds of thousands and is one of the main events during Christmas in Seville.

You shouldn’t miss it, especially of you’re traveling with children!

If you cannot attend the Cabalgata de Seville on the 5th of January, you can always try to see the smaller and shorter Cabalgata de Triana on the 6th of January. It starts at 17:30 and ends at 21:30.

If you’re a traveler eager to partake in a unique cultural experience, keep reading this comprehensive guide to discover the essence of Three Kings’ Day in Seville and learn how to make the most of the grand Three Kings’ Day parade.

Three Kings’ Day in Seville: historical and cultural significance

Three Kings’ Day, celebrated on January 6th, marks the Epiphany, the day when the Three Wise Men (Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar) followed the Star of Bethlehem to present gifts to the baby Jesus. It’s a time of reverence, rejoicing, and gift-giving.

The significance of Three Kings’ Day in Seville stretches far beyond the presents exchanged. It’s a cultural treasure trove that showcases the city’s rich history, traditions, and the warm spirit of its people.

As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most important days of the year that combines religious customs with exuberant festivity.

The heart of the celebration lies in the grand parade that courses through the city’s streets. Featuring majestic floats, dazzling costumes, and the iconic Three Wise Men, this event bridges generations, ignites the imagination of children, and brings smiles to the faces of adults.

Three Kings’ Day parade route

The Three Kings’ Day parade in Seville is a spectacle that enchants all who witness it. This captivating event, often referred to as the Cabalgata de Reyes, brings the city to life with a vibrant procession of floats, music, and merriment.

The official parade is organized by the Ateneo de Sevilla, a cultural organization, and it typically follows a predetermined route that winds through the historic heart of Seville.

While the specific route may vary from year to year, it traditionally starts at 16:30 at Palos de la Frontera, behind the Old Tobacco Factory (nowadays the University of Seville’s rectorship) and progresses through major avenues, showcasing iconic landmarks. It finishes at the same spot around 22:00. So the route is circular.

Parade route (from 16:30 to 22:00 approximately):

  • Palos de la Frontera (16:30), Glorieta de San Diego, Avenida del Cid, Plaza Don Juan de Austria, Menéndez y Pelayo, Recaredo, María Auxiliadora, Ronda de Capuchinos, Muñoz León.
  • Resolana (18:10), Feria, Correduría, Alameda, Trajano.
  • Plaza del Duque de la Victoria (19:00), Campana, O’Donnell, Murillo, San Pablo, Reyes Católicos, Puente de Isabel II, Plaza del Altozano, San Jacinto, Pagés del Corro, Génova.
  • Plaza de Cuba (20:20), Asunción, Virgen de Luján, Glorieta de Las Cigarreras, Puente de los Remedios, Glorieta de los Marineros Voluntarios, Paseo de las Delicias, Avenida de Roma.
  • Palos de la Frontera (22:00).

If you want to attend the parade, try to find a spot along the route at least 1 hour before it actually starts. This is a very popular event and the sidewalks get crowded very fast throughout the afternoon.

If you want to grab a seat at Palos de la Frontera, you need to get there at least 2-3 hours before the parade starts.

Three Kings’ Day parade route map

Remember that you can save this map into your Google Maps app!

Note: The route runs counterclockwise.

Best viewing spots

By choosing the right spot, you can enjoy the magic of the parade up close and create lasting memories of Three Kings’ Day in Seville. Here are some practical tips on the best places to catch all the action:

1. Main avenues

Major avenues and boulevards along the parade route provide ample space for spectators. Consider finding a spot:

  • Along the Ronda (the long avenue surrounding the historic city center). This 2.7 km stretch of the parade route goes from Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo to Resolana. Except for the stretch on Calle Recadero which is narrower, consider finding a spot along these avenues for good views.
  • As is exits the city center through Avenida de los Reyes Católicos.
  • In Calle Asunción or Calle Virgen de Luján in the Remedios neighborhood. Please note that the parade goes through these avenues in the evening.
  • In Paseo de las Delicias, right before the parade ends. Depending on the weather and the temperatures, this avenue can be significantly less crowded as the parade goes through it late at night.

2. Open spaces and squares

Many large areas and plazas in Seville offer excellent vantage points. Locations like the far end of La Alameda (a nice and wide boulevard), Plaza del Duque and two bridges (Puente de Triana and Puente de Los Remedios) often provide clear views of the parade.

3. Historic city center

The parade winds its way through the historic heart of Seville. If you want to be close to the action, go to Calle Feria, Calle Correduría or Calle O’Donnell. However, take into consideration that these streets are narrow and get very (very) crowded. So expect tons of people and the chance of being blocked at a certain point.

If you’re traveling with young children, avoid the city center whatsoever and look for a spot in the avenues and open spaces mentioned above.

By choosing the right spot, you can enjoy the magic of the parade up close and create lasting memories of Three Kings’ Day in Seville. Here are a few practical tips:

  • Arrive early. To secure a prime spot, plan to arrive well in advance. Locals and visitors alike flock to the parade, so staking out your place early ensures a clear line of sight.
  • Look for some sort of elevation. Find spots with slight elevation if possible. A raised platform, steps, or even a low wall can give you a better view above the crowd.
  • Check the local newspapers. Remember that the parade route may vary slightly from year to year, so check the latest information and parade route updates before making your plans.

10 practical tips to prepare for the parade before heading out

To make the most of your Three Kings’ Day parade experience in Seville, thoughtful preparations are key. Here’s a guide on what to bring, wear and plan:

1. Wear comfortable footwear. You’ll likely be on your feet for a while, so wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking.

2. Dress in layers. Seville’s winter evenings can be humid and cool, so consider layering your clothing. A light jacket or sweater is advisable.

3. Bring an umbrella or hat. While it doesn’t often rain in Seville during this season, an umbrella or hat can offer shade during the parade and protection from any unexpected drizzles.

4. Use a local map. It’s always handy to have a map of the city to navigate your way to and from the parade route. If you have an eSIM use your data to check Google Maps or Apple Maps. Alternatively, you can download a PDF map of Seville.

5. Take your camera or smartphone. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture the parade’s magic. Ensure you have enough storage space and a charged battery.

6. Buy snacks and water. Bringing some snacks and a bottle of water can keep you refreshed during your (probably long) wait.

7. Bring a small bag or backpack. A small bag or backpack can hold your essentials, and it’s easier to manage in the crowd. Oh! If you attend the parade with children, make sure to bring a plastic shopping bag to fill with candy.

8. Decide a meet-up plan. Establish a meet-up point in case anyone gets separated in the crowd. Make sure children know what to do if they get lost.

9. Plan restroom breaks. Do it before the parade begins, as it can be tricky to navigate the crowds during the event.

10. Be patient and enthusiastic. Lastly, bring your enthusiasm and a patient spirit. The parade can get crowded, but the festive atmosphere and joyful anticipation make it all worthwhile.

Three Kings’ Day in Seville: parade highlights

The Three Kings’ Day parade in Seville is a dazzling display of creativity and tradition.

The Three Wise Men are accompanied by a procession of 33 floats, 800 Bedouins, 7 marching bands and a total of approximately 3,000 members. In total, the 2024 Three Kings’ Day Parade is 1.5 km long and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Tip: King Melchior (Rey Melchor) is on float #11. King Caspar (Rey Gaspar) is on float #22. And King Balthazar (Rey Baltasar) in on float #33 (the last one).

Here are the key elements that make this parade a must-see:

1. Elaborate floats

The parade features a collection of magnificent floats, each telling a unique story. These floats are adorned with intricate details, colors, and designs. They floats carry not only the Three Wise Men but also various characters and scenes that captivate the imagination.

2. Exquisite costumes

Participants, including those portraying biblical characters and the Wise Men’s pages, wear elaborate and visually striking costumes. These outfits add an air of authenticity and wonder to the parade.

3. Music and performances

Throughout the procession, musical bands and dancers infuse the parade with energy and rhythm. Musicians and dancers add rhythm and energy to the event, creating an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

4. Crowd participation

Families and spectators line the streets, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Three Wise Men and their entourage. Many people bring umbrellas or baskets to catch the candies and sweets tossed from the floats, creating an engaging and joyous atmosphere.

5. The Three Wise Men role

At the heart of the Three Kings’ Day parade in Seville stand the revered figures themselves – the Three Wise Men, or Los Reyes Magos. These iconic characters play a central role in the celebration, embodying the spirit of this grand event.

Each Wise Man carries symbolic significance:

  • Melchior, often depicted as an older man with white hair and a long beard, traditionally presents the gift of gold, symbolizing wealth and royalty.
  • Caspar, often portrayed as middle-aged, bears the gift of frankincense, symbolizing spirituality and prayer.
  • Balthazar, typically portrayed as a dark-skinned figure, offers the gift of myrrh, symbolizing the human experience and the sacrifices made in life.

They ride atop magnificent floats, each accompanied by their pages or assistants who distribute sweets, small gifts, and goodwill to the crowds. Their presence, marked by opulent robes, captivating performances, and benevolent generosity, embodies the heart of Three Kings’ Day in Seville. Children, in particular, look forward to this moment, as it’s a time when they share their wishes with the Wise Men.

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