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Getting To Seville: Train

How to get to Seville? Train is the best option, especially of you are traveling from another Spanish city. Catching a train is the easiest and most comfortable way to travel around Spain.


Seville Train Station: Santa Justa

The main Seville train station is called Sevilla Santa Justa, and it’s managed by the public company Renfe Operadora. It’s the third-busiest station in Spain, servicing over 9 million travelers per year.


Is The Seville Subway Useful?

Seville subway is very simple indeed. Basically it’s just one 18-km line that crosses the city from west to east.


Seville Subway Map

A free Seville subway map is available at most Metro stations. Go to the ticket office and ask the staff to hand you one. All you have to say is “Un mapa, por favor” (A map, please).


Metro Sevilla Is Seville’s Subway

Metro Sevilla, the city subway, was inaugurated in 2009. The Seville Metro network is the 5th in Spain in terms of kilometres and the number of people transported.


Seville Trains: Cercanías

The Cercanías trains are the local commuter trains that serve major cities. These suburban Seville trains cross the city center, and run frequently to small towns in the outskirts.


Cercanías Train Tickets

Purchasing your Cercanías train tickets is essential since you can’t use any bus or subway ticket on the train network.


Avoid Bad Surprises Using The Seville Taxi Service

As a rule of thumb the Seville taxi service works perfectly fine. Taxis are available everywhere, and they drive you wherever you want. Drivers are in general nice and reliable and the vehicles are in good shape.


Seville Taxi: Service And Transport

The official Seville taxi is white with a yellow diagonal stripe across the back door. Using a taxi in Seville is a comfortable and fast option compared to other means of public transport, particularly if you are in a rush and need to be somewhere in a short time.


Bicycle Tips: Avoid Theft!

Here are some general bicycle tips that will help you to prevent bike theft, whether the bike is yours or a rented one. Trust me, it’s not very nice to discover early in the morning right before going to explore the city or after a pleasant dinner with your friends that your bike has been stolen…


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