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A Complete Guide To Bus Travel In Spain

Bus travel in Spain is extremely easy, comfortable and safe. Whether you are planning short trips in and around Seville or driving huge distances across the length and breadth of Spain through the beautiful Andalusian countryside, taking a bus is a great option that you should consider for your next trip.


How To Purchase Spain Bus Tickets Online

Are you looking to purchase your Spain bus tickets online? You sure do because there is need to go to a travel agency or ticket counter. You can do it at your convenience in your home or office.


Getting To Seville: Bus

How to get to Seville? Bus is the cheapest option, especially of you are traveling from another Spanish city. Catching a bus is a very comfortable way to travel around Spain, but it’s not the fastest one.


Seville Bus Station: Estación Del Prado

The second most important Seville bus station is Estación del Prado. Fortunately, it is very well connected with the Metro and the city center.


Getting To Seville

Getting to Seville is extremely easy. Almost 35 airlines, excellent train networks and buses that frequently arrive and depart from the city are all excellent options. It will all depend on your schedule and itinerary.


Getting Around Seville

Save time, stress and money getting around the city on public transport. While a huge chunk of the city can be seen on foot, the availability of taxis, buses and city bikes throughout Seville means you can save valuable time during your stay here, especially if you’re only in town for a quick weekend trip! Apart from its efficiency and cleanliness, it takes you everywhere you’d like to go both in and out of the city, especially if you plan to do a day trip.


Seville Bus Station: Estación De Plaza De Armas

Seville’s main bus station is called Estación de Plaza de Armas. Fortunately, it is very well connected with the Tussam city buses and you can even walk to some areas of the city center from there.


Seville Buses

Seville buses are, along with the Metro, the best way to move around the city. Apart from being an efficient and cheap means of transport, you can get anywhere you want, including the airport, and the main train (Santa Justa) and bus stations (Estación Plaza de Armas and Estación del Prado).


Getting To Seville: Plane

There are many options to arrive to Seville. Plane is the fastest and most comfortable one, especially if you are traveling from far away.


Getting To Seville Airport

Here is a step by step guide to getting to Seville Airport. There are several airport transfers that will get you from Seville’s city center to your terminal.


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