How is the weather? Seville has the best climate of Spain

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In terms of weather, Seville enjoys an amazing climate. Spring and fall are the best time of the year to spend your holidays in Spain. During both seasons you’ll find extremely sunny days along with fantastic temperatures.

The city has the inland climate of the South, so Seville’s weather varies somewhat depending on the season. As a consequence, temperatures during the summer will be very high (especially in July and August) whereas the fall will be mild and the winter reasonably rainy.

No matter what season it is or the weather at the time, Seville has the perfect climate for you. With more than six months of mild temperatures and sunny days, the city is an attractive destination for your next holidays in Spain.

Spring is fabulous for a Seville holiday!

In terms of weather, Seville offers you an absolutely wonderful spring. The streets have the scent of the orange blossom (azahar) and you will see the trees flourishing. With maximum temperatures between 25ºC and 30ºC (77ºF and 86ºF), it is the best time to discover the city and walk around its lovely alleys.

Rainfall is rare during this season. You’ll soon discover that the sky of Seville has a gorgeous blue that cannot be found anywhere else. It is so intense that the only place where I’ve noticed something similar has been Rome (Italy).

As the summer arrives, it brings a warmer weather. Seville becomes hotter and the temperatures rise slowly from mild to high.

Seville vacation: going in the summer

Similarly to the rest of Andalucia, Seville’s weather makes extremely hot and fairly dry summers (months may pass before you see a raindrop). Temperatures can be higher than 40ºC (104ºF) – sometimes reaching 45ºC (113ºF) or more…

If you still don’t mind and decide to travel here in July or August, you will find a very empty place. In a way, it’s nice to escape from the tourist hordes and you may even think “Awesome! I’ll get rid of a zillion other tourists”.

It’s true: you’ll definitely won’t see them because of the heat Seville can be unbearable. So much so that on weekdays shops close at 14:00 and open again at 18:00, closing again at 22:00 or even 23:00.

That’s why you should check these tips to keep cool during a boiling summer. Trust me it can get really HOT over here!

Fall in Seville is truly romantic

Fall is my favorite season because of its weather. Seville offers magical days during late September, October and even the beginning of November. Actually, you can still get away with some of your summer wardrobe…

… And you can spend your time discovering the best Seville has to offer while touring the city on a horse drawn carriage. On your journey you’ll have time to watch the life of Seville across the street and the Guadalquivir banks.

Or what about sitting outside a bar, what we call a terraza (tables outside on the sidewalks) enjoying a drink? Just think about it, the possiblities are endless. You won’t enjoy this gorgeous days anywhere else.

Seville in winter is not cold

Nevertheless, winters are more humid than you would have imagined. On a windy day you will feel the effect of the Guadalquivir and it can be chilly, too. The good thing is that temperatures remain mild (never less than 10ºC or 50ºF).

Are you getting cold feet because you booked a flight during winter? Don’t worry about the weather! Seville has a lot to offer during this time of the year as well. On a sunny day, you will even be able to discover it riding a bike.

When is the best time to go?

The best time to go to Seville is either spring (March to June) or fall (September and October) when days are longer and temperatures are not insanely high.

From the last weekend of March till late October, the summer daylight saving time is applied. Hence, the time is shifted forward by one hour and 2 hours ahead of Universal Time Coordinated (UTC+2) also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2). In June, you can watch the sunset as late as 22:00… which is pretty cool!

If you decide to go in spring, bear in mind the changing dates of the Feria de Abril and the Semana Santa. Seville can get really busy then – crowded in fact. It’s the peak season so hotels are packed, it’s literally impossible to get into a bar and prices soar.

During early fall, the light is absolutely perfect. After the summer break when everyone escapes to the beach, Seville comes back to life little by little. People return to the street as temperatures drop slowly, taking advantage of the last sunny days before the rain starts again.

How is the weather? Seville has the best climate of Spain

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