My hot air balloon experience across Seville’s countryside

hot air balloon experience

Are you ready to have a unique hot air balloon experience? There’s no better way to enjoy the beauty of Seville’s countryside than from the vantage point of a hot air balloon! The flight will be full of moments that will last a lifetime and you will never forget the Andalucía fields’ lush.

Flying in a balloon is a very serene experience while in the air, but it is an adventure bustle in which you will enjoy some incredible landscapes. The whole activity takes place outdoors and the crew has more than 10 years of experience in the hot air ballooning industry. Thus, your security is fully guaranteed.

A balloon ride in the oldest and most romantic of flying machines is the ultimate way to experience some idyllic locations. Become a hot air ballooning adventurer like the Montgolfier brothers!

While you are planning your trip to Seville, book your hot air balloon experience from home. It’s easy and it will save you you time once you are here since everything would be ready for you.

What is a hot air balloon experience about?

After meeting up with the crew and the rest of your group in the outskirts of Seville, you are taken to the launch field. Help your pilot and his assistants getting the balloon inflated while admiring the sunrise. Depending on the weather conditions and, of course, the wind’s strength and direction, your flight can last up to an hour.

Once the balloon lands in a field surrounded by sunflowers and other green crops, you are picked up by the pilot’s assistants. Together, help the team deflate the balloon and get on the 4×4. Your experience ends at a nearby hotel where you are lavished with a delicious and energetic breakfast.

Despite the basket has a capacity for 12 guests and the pilot, your group will never exceed 10 people. This decision has tow effects. First, it increases your flight security because the balloon carries less weight. Second, you are more comfortable inside the basket as you have more room to move, turn around, look everywhere and take dozens of pictures.

The hot air balloon experience is available for everyone though the minimum passenger’s age is 6 years old and he/she must be at least 130 cm (5.1 ft) tall. Additionally, children between 6 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Apart from these basic rules, flying on a balloon is extremely fun and your family will have the time of their lives!

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How safe is a hot air balloon experience?

There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The owners have more than 10 years of experience in the hot air ballooning industry. Their engineering background ensures high security protocols and the best quality. More than 1,200 people flew last year and nothing ever happened!

Flying on a balloon is extremely safe activity highly regulated in Spain with strict safety guidelines. The company is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and all their hot air ballooning pilots hold full commercial licenses. On top of it, they own the most modern fleet of balloons operating in Andalucía and use the latest equipment.

And if you are still anxious, bear in mind that all balloon flights are ensured for public and employers liability so everything is under control. Just admire the incredible landscapes and enjoy the silent views!

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Enjoying a hot air balloon experience

5:15 of a Sunday morning. My alarm rings loudly. I’m having a hard time to wake up, it’s so early!

But I finally do. Today is a great day. I’m flying on a hot air balloon for the first time and my excitement exceeds my fatigue.

I arrive to the meeting point at 6:30, 15 minutes before our appointment. It’s dark and cold but I can’t wait to start the flight. A few minutes later a couple of 4×4 park next to where I am. I meet the crew (Antonio, Alfonso and Vicente) and the rest of the group who will be flying with me today. The crew organizes a quick breakfast that we all appreciate, it feels good to drink a hot chocolate to warm up.

We all get into the 4×4 and depart into the countryside looking for our launch field. It’s still dark when we get there. The silence is impressive and the crew starts to inflate our brightly colored balloon. I’m really surprised at how big it is, more than 35 m tall (115 ft) and how much hot air it is needed to inflate it. The noise caused by the warmers contrasts with the calm surrounding us.

As soon as the balloon is inflated it is time to get into the basket. The sun is rising… And there I go jumping over the side, which is pretty hard considering that I’m not particularly tall!

One, two… three… we’re up in the air! The balloon moves smoothly and we almost don’t even notice that we are starting to rise. It’s not until I look down over the basket and see some tree canopies that I realize what’s happening – we are really flying. I’ve taken hundreds of planes but this feeling is completely different. The absence of physical barriers and the silence transform it into a mesmerizing experience.

I spend most of the flight quiet, first enjoying the sunrise and then the rest of the panorama, looking at the fields below me. I am in awe feeling a nice cool breeze in my face and listening to the only artificial sound, the burner. I’m truly enthralled with the natural beauty surrounding me.

After almost an hour flying, it’s time to land. Time went by so fast! I wish we could fly for one more hour but nothing lasts forever. Vicente explains that we need to bend on our knees while gripping onto the internal handles and get ready for the landing. Actually, security measures are almost unnecessary because Vicente manages to land the balloon with amazing grace and finesse.

Simultaneously, Alfonso and Antonio arrived to the landing field with the 4×4 as they had been following us across the countryside, keeping in touch with Vicente thanks to the walkie talkies. As soon as we are out of the basket, we help the staff to flatten out the balloon by jumping at it -some in the group considered it the funniest part of the whole ride!

I’m still impressed and barely talk on the way back to the meeting point. When we get there, we are greeted with a fabulous breakfast. It’s already 10:30 and I’m starving so it’s great to eat something. There’s more than you can imagine – fruits, yogurt, pastries, cereals, eggs, bacon, sausages, you name it.

Yet, the experience is not over as a final surprise awaits for us outside. Vicente gathers us to celebrate a tradition associated with hot air ballooning. He first tells us a tale about who the Montgolfier bothers were and how hot air balloon flights started. He then baptize us one by one with a few drops of champagne and handed over a diploma. I’m now the princess of Doñana!

On my way back home I can’t stop thinking about everything that I had just lived. What a breathtaking morning, it’s something I’ll never forget. A big thanks to the team!

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Why booking a hot air balloon experience?

You should definitely book the flight if you

  • Want to fly like the first pilots did in the 18th century
  • Like silent environments
  • Intend to discover the beautiful countryside around Seville

On the contrary, do something else because

  • You are afraid of heights
  • You don’t like waking up very early
  • You prefer urban landscapes

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Disclosure: The owners kindly invited me to join a group on a flight over Seville’s countryside so the following paragraphs are a full review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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