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The Feria de Abril

The Feria de Abril is the most popular celebration in the city and it balances out the darkness and sadness of the Semana Santa (another awesome event) as it is a colorful and cheerful festival. It is unbelievable how in just a few weeks Sevillanos go from penance to redemption.


Seville Spring Fair: glossary of terms

Here is a Seville Spring Fair glossary that will help you understand the insights of the Feria de Abril and, most importantly, feel like a local!


Seville Feria’s amusement park: la Calle del Infierno (Hell’s Road)

The Seville Feria has an amusement park of its own, that is set up for week as well as the casetas.


Insider’s tips: Feria se Abril, Sevilla’s colorful fair

One of the most important events is the Feria de Abril. Sevilla shares this spectacular festival along with the Semana Santa, another special celebration.

The Seville Fair is very popular among Sevillanos but can be something different than what you expected. The truth is The Feria de Abril is a huge fiesta made by and for Sevillanos.


The Feria de Sevilla, Spain’s best spring fair

The Feria de Sevilla is one of Spain’s most emblematic festivals. After the dark Holy Week procesiones have finished, Sevillanos work day and night for two weeks to ensure that everything is ready for the Feria de Abril…


The Seville fair (Feria de Abril)

The Seville Fair is also known as the Feria de Abril and it’s the most colorful festival of all Spain. In fact, the participants’ costumes, the horses and the exhibition of carriages combined with the regional extravagance remain the symbols of the largest fair of Andalucia.

It’s also one of the best opportunities to see the traditional dresses generally associated to Spanish culture. Many men and a large majority of women wear what’s called a traje de gitana, the Andalusian typical dress. And it’s the only time of the year they do so.