Great travel photography tips: ‘Transcending Travel’ eBook

Are you looking for travel photography tips? You are in the same situation I was when I started to combine two great passions of mine – travelling and taking pictures.


I was a beginner…

I still remember my first camera, an analogical Olympus that my father offered me when I was 10 or so. I used to carry it everywhere although I had to be careful not to waste my pictures. Developing films was expensive back then and my pocket money was scarce…

Fortunately, digital cameras entered the market and my need of taking lots and lots of pictures without spending a fortune was fulfilled. I first started with a couple of compact cameras and in 2008 decided to switch to a DSLR.

At the beginning I was a total newbie and didn’t know anything about photography, composition, aperture, framing and so on. I used to take pictures by instinct, which most of the time didn’t produce spectacular images.


… Until some research led me to DPS…

I started to search on the internet, looking for good sites where I could read and learn more about photography. One day I discovered Digital Photography School (DPS) and I realized there was so much I didn’t know!

After a while my pictures got better.

While I love taking pictures of Seville (the most aesthetic city in Spain) I also enjoy carrying my camera around while travelling. If you ask my friends they’ll confirm you how focused and persistent I become when it comes to travel photography!


… And later on to Transcending Travel

So when I first read that Darren, the editor of DPS, was launching an eBook giving lots of travel photography tips called Transcending Travel I couldn’t wait to buy it. And I can’t tell you how great this investment has been. It’s one of the best eBooks I’ve purchased so far (and I buy a lot!).

As soon as I downloaded the file I was totally amazed by its design. It’s really easy to read and I like the balance between text and images. When it comes to travel photography tips I need to literally see what’s being explained to me.

Throughout 80 pages the author, documentary photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich, covers everything I wanted to know. More importantly, as English is not my mother tongue, I found that his style and language is plain vanilla. So it’s a great eBook if you are a newbie (even intermediate) in travel photography and you don’t need to be fluent to get all the tips.

Now, let’s talk about the content.


A great eBook about travel photography…

Transcending Travel starts talking briefly about cameras and lenses, giving you an idea of what to look for when buying your material. To summarize, chose something you’re comfortable with – a more expensive camera will not make you a better photographer!

However, the main point of the eBook is not about cameras but travel photography tips. In other words, it provides great advice to improve your travel pictures and return home with fantastic images of your trips.

Before reading it I was eager to improve framing, know how to photograph people, understand the importance of light and so much more. Actually, the eBook covers an incredible wide range of topics and I find that the travel photography tips included are really helpful.

Since I read Transcending Travel I’ve been twice in Africa and around Europe and I have really improved my pictures as you can see…


… That you can instantly download

So if you’d like to capture amazing and captivating shots of your holidays and trips, you should definitely buy it. I did and I’ve experienced the difference. Check it out for yourself!

travel photography tips

And the best part of it is that if you’re not happy with the product or didn’t answer to your expectations, Darren is offering a 60-day guarantee. So there’s absolutely no catch.

If you are interested in purchasing a great travel photography tips eBook, click here.