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Are you a Spanish soccer lover?

Do you love Spanish soccer? La Liga is one of the strongest football leagues in Europe, and it has been entertaining the football lovers since the late 1920s. In fact, the football fever is in full swing among fans, the best players are back in action.

The Spanish league is played among 20 contenders. Despite such a large number of participants, La Liga is actually a battleground of two world football giants – Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona. Attending a match between these teams is a pure delight for the football fans.

But not every Spaniard supports Barça or Madrid.

In Seville, football is a synonym of passion and Sevillanos break up into Sevilla FC or Real Betis fans. They need to be for one or the other. Being for Madrid or Barcelona, it’s easy because they are always winning. Every Sevillano will tell you that “It’s only when your team makes you suffer that you really come to love them”.

On top of it, club affiliation a serious matter. Extreme fans will even go to the point of signing up their unborn children to access their club’s membership. Betis’ taxi drivers have been known to refuse rides to Sevilla’s supporters to the Sánchez Pizjuán.

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You can also go to a football match in Madrid or Barcelona.


Sevilla FC official calendar

The Spanish football season is relatively long compared to other countries. Apart from La Liga, Sevilla FC is generally involved in other competitions. So the number of matches taking place at the Sanchez Pizjuan is very high.

The Sevilla Futbol Club official calendar details all the current season’s matches that the team have played or will do in the next few months. Look at the dates and pick one that suits you best.

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Sevilla FC tickets

Book now your Sevilla FC tickets and support your team and players. Join an amazing crowd of football fans, shout, scream and cheer for the local team. And even if it’s not, it will be fun allowing your sports spirit to reveal itself completely.

Do you love the best of Spanish soccer or have a favorite team in Seville? Choose your tickets and take your part in some of the best football the world has to offer.

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Visit the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán

The Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan is the place where the Sevilla Futbol Club stadium host their official matches. Inaugurated in 1958, it has gone through major renovations as time went by, specially in the mid-90s. Its current capacity is 45,500 people.

If you are interested in the club’s history and evolution, you can go for the ‘Sevilla Tour’, a complete tour of the premises.

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Real Betis official calendar

What’s the advantage of Seville having two football teams? Easy. You can attend a Spanish soccer match every single week.

Betis plays home twice every month. Find out when it happens. And if you are not there at that time, you can always go to a Sevilla FC match.

If you want to know all the information concerning all the current season’s Betis matches, check the official calendar. Dates, times and rivals are detailed.

Check the Real Betis official calendar »


Real Betis FC Tickets

Booking your ticket in advance offers you the entry into the stadium. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch a match of one of the hottest European football leagues.

Get your Spanish soccer tickets and attend an electrifying match. Buy this season’s tickets, you will never forget the experience of seeing how the great talents fight with all that they have to win the most well-regarded titles of the world.

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Go to the Benito Villamarín Stadium

The home matches of Real Betis Balompié take place at the Estadio Benito Villamarin. The stadium was inaugurated in 1929, but was thouroughly renovated in 1982 to host two matches of that year’s UEFA World Cup, and in 2000. Almost 52,000 people can seat inside.

Apart from going to a match, you can also visit the whole stadium and a large part of the premises, including the player’s dressing room and the field grass!

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Go to a football match in Spain

Football or soccer, is Spain’s national sport and easily the country’s most important spectator sport. Spanish football fans are among the most dedicated and fervent in Europe and are incredibly passionate about their team.

The Spanish league is one of the most competitive in Europe and Spanish teams enjoy considerable success in European competitions. Not surprisingly, the popularity of this sport is reflected by the high attendance at the stadiums.

Generally, you must wait long lines to buy tickets on match days, but you can avoid any hassle by purchasing them online. It’s an easy and fast process. Don’t waste your time and purchase your tickets now.

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