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Spain: Flamenco Dance Tablaos, Bars and Theaters Map

In Spain, flamenco dance is king and Seville is considered its cradle. If you plan to go to a flamenco the choice of places is extremely wide:

1. Will it be the first time you go to an espectáculo flamenco? If you are looking for a professional performance where you can enjoy cante, baile and toque, you should definitely go to a tablao.

2. Flamenco art can be also experienced in smaller locales and events. These places are usually full of locals and some of them don’t offer exclusively flamenco performances. Contrary to what you can see in a tablao, the group of people performing will also be smaller and you may only have the chance to see artists singing, or playing the guitar, without bailaores involved.

My favorite place to enjoy a great flamenco show and the one I always recommend to my non local friends is Casa de la Memoria.

3. Finally, if you consider yourself a flamenco expert or are looking for the ultimate experience, head to a bar flamenco. In these cozy and intimate places you’ll be surrounded by Sevillanos. The difference with the rest is that you’ll rarely see a bailaor and no one will be wearing a traditional dress. These are places where less experienced artists perform to improve and practice. Don’t be disappointed: you may listen to a future star.



1. Click on each icon to get the name of the bar and its address. You can also click on the link inside to have detailed information.

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Seville Night Tour And Flamenco Show

Seville offers one of the most charming backdrops in all of southern Spain. Apart from its beauty, Seville is also known for its historic role in flamenco: numerous dancers, singers and musicians developed their talents in the city.

Discover the best of Seville after dark and enjoy an electrifying flamenco show on this 4-hour evening tour. Traveling by air-conditioned coach, admire top Seville attractions such as the Plaza de España, the Torre del Oro, the Maestranza and other landmarks all aglitter in the darkness of evening.

After that, you attend to one of Seville highlights – a flamenco night show. Experience the passion and sensibility the dancers, singers and musicians express in their performance. An intimate setting allows you to feel the emotion of the dancers’ footwork along with the dramatic singing style.

A night you’ll always remember.

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