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Spain Bus – Seville City Bus

In Spain bus is synonym of reliable, comfortable and cheap! In fact, it’s the easiest way to get everywhere whether it’s in a beautiful city like Seville or to travel around the country.

Seville city buses are run by Tussam, a municipal company. It has a network of 40+ bus lines, plus 6 nightly ones and 1 tram line.

As a rule of thumb, buses run generally from 6am to 11.30pm but make sure as each line has its own schedule. You can check the lines
timetable and itinerary at the Tussam website (only in Spanish) or at the stops. Don’t be shy and practice your Spanish asking around if you don’t see the information displayed!

There are also a few nightly lines operating from 12am to 2am. All of them start (and end if it’s a circular line) at the Prado de San Sebastian bus station.


Seville Bus Tickets And Cards

In Spain bus services offer different types of tickets. Depending on how much you are going to take the bus and how long you are staying in Seville you’ll find one ticket more useful than another.

What’s an e-wallet?

It’s a digital card (usually the size of a credit card) that allows you to charge it with some credit. You can then pay your purchases by sliding the card along an electronic sensor that will register the transaction and will charge you from the credit of the e-wallet.

The Billete Sencillo (Single Ticket) is valid only for one trip.

The Tarjeta Multiviaje (Multi-trip Card) is a card that you use as an e-wallet. You can purchase this card at the information stands of Tussam, the tram automated ticket machines and 700+ spots (e.g. newsstands, tobacconist’s and other shops with a Tussam sticker at the entrance). The minimum charge is 10 trips and you can recharge it whenever you want. Every time you use it, either on a bus or a tram, the ticket price will be deducted from your credit.

There is also a Tarjeta Turistica (Tourist Card) valid for 1 and 3 days. You can purchase it at Tussam information stands and you can use it for all buses (except the special ones such as the airport bus service) and the tram. You’ll need to pay a small bond that will be refunded if you return the card to a Tussam information stand.

If you are registered as a citizen of Seville you can access the:

  • Tarjeta 30 Dias (30 day Card). It will give you unlimited bus trips for a period of 30 consecutive days from the day you get your card. You can recharge your card once the 30-day period ends.To get it you need to fill up an application form and include a photocopy of your residence permit, your citizen registration certificate and a photo. Show all these documents at a Tussam information stand. After a few days, you’ll have to get back to pick up your card.
  • Tarjeta Joven (Youth Card). It’s only for 16-29 year old people. The card has a monthly fee (lower than the regular one) and it allows you to travel as much as you want for a month. The system is pretty much the same as the 30 day card, although the credit here starts the first day of the month. For more information go to the Youth Information Center (Plaza Monte Pirolo) or call 954-505-618.

Children under 3 years old can access the bus for free.

The bus service to the Seville airport has a special fare.


Useful Tips

spain bus

Tussam offers a free app for smartphones with plenty of functionalities that will help you both plan your bus trips and know how long you need to wait at a particular stop (all buses are equipped with a GPS system).

Despite the app is only available in Spanish, it is very easy to use and provides you a ton of useful information. It’s definitely worthwile to have a look at it before you get to Seville.

Available for iOS and for Android.


If you are interested in looking the exact route of a line, download a map with all the Tussam bus lines.

In Spain, bus drivers have a minimum amount of money for change in the vehicle. Seville is not an exception: don’t try to pay with bank notes higher than 5€. Additionally, from 9pm on the driver will not give you any change for security reasons.

When you are at the stop, wave or raise your hand as soon as you see your bus coming. This applies especially on a bus stop for multiple lines.

In Spain bus passengers form a line to enter the vehicle one by one. Please respect it.

If you have a Card issued by Tussam (read above the available options) don’t forget to validate it… You can get a fine of up to 100€!

If you want to get off at a stop, press one of the red buttons scattered around the bus with some time in advance.