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Seville Tourism and Transport: Getting Around Seville (Spain)

Are you planning to go to Seville? Tourism is one of the major sources of income for the city. As a consequence it is very well prepared to receive visitors all year long. In fact, there are all sorts of infrastructures and means of transport that will take you almost anywhere you want.


Getting To Seville By Air

Do you intend to fly to Spain? In all likelihood, you’ll be flying here, unless you’re coming overland from Portugal or France.

Fortunately, with the appearance of low cost carriers in the market the chance to get cheap air flights to Spain has seriously increased. On top of it, very cheap international flights are also available from other parts of the world. It’s just a question of time to do some research and organize your trip in advance.

Seville is linked by air with the main cities of Spain and capitals of Europe. The airport is located just a few kilometers from the center and it is very easy to get there.


Train Travel To Seville

Are you considering train travel in Spain? Seville can be easily reached by train, especially from Madrid and Barcelona where you can catch a high speed train. Some suburbs and surrounding towns are also connected by train.

Whereas local trains (Cercanías) have very affordable fares, high speed ones (AVE) are considerably more expensive. Nevertheless, you can access some discounts particularly if you buy your tickets online.

Seville has one train station called Santa Justa and it’s located in the northeast area of the city, not very far away from the center.


Enjoy Seville Tourism: Bike & Scooter

With more than 100 km (62 mi) of pathways and a city center resembling a narrow maze, Seville is a great place to use a bicycle. Moreover, Sevilla is totally flat so you don’t have to worry about your physical condition as you’ll rarely face a slope.

One of the best ways to enjoy Seville tourism your own way is using Sevici, the municipal bike rental.

Additionally, you can always hire one at a bike on rent shop if you plan to stay for a long period or use your own one (buy a second hand one or borrow it from a friend). And don’t forget to follow some practical advice to avoid bad surprises

Or you can go to a motor scooter rental and hire a motorcycle to ride in the streets of Seville. Make sure you don’t need an international driver’s licence though.


City & Regional Buses

As almost everywhere in Spain city bus services in Seville are very good. The vehicles are pretty new, all with air conditioning (essential in summer) and with very low fares.

It is the best option to go to and from the airport and the train station, although in this case you can also use the Cercanías.

In addition to this, Seville has two main bus stations from which you can go to other parts of Andalucía (Prado de San Sebastián station) and Spain (Plaza de Armas station). Bus travel in Spain is the cheapest and most affordable travel option but unfortunately not the fastest.


Metro Sevilla: Use The Subway

The Seville metro is relatively new and the network will be extended over the next few years. It currently has one line that crosses the city from West to East and it links the center with some of the suburbs and other parts of Seville.

The subway is also connected to a short tram stretch crossing the center from the Prado bus station to the City Hall. This tram is perfect for Seville tourism as it links the Seville University, the Hotel Alfonso XIII, the Archivo de Indias, the Cathedral and the Plaza Nueva where the shopping area starts.


Explore The Region Renting A Car

Seville is NOT an easy place to drive, not because people drive like crazy – quite the contrary in fact, but because directions and the city plan are very confusing. A large part of the city center is for pedestrians only and in general it is very easy to get lost. Don’t hesitate to catch a bus, rent a bike or walk (my favorite).

You shouldn’t rent a car in Seville unless you plan to do a side trip or head for somewhere else in Spain.

But if you do, because you intend to go on a road trip, I’ve put up a complete guide on renting a car in Spain.


Romantic Stroll On A Horse Drawn Carriage

It is definitely the most romantic way to experience Seville tourism and a whole bunch of beautiful attractions. You can book a horse drawn carriage tour in several spots around the center of Seville and the driver will arrange an itinerary where you’ll enjoy the city in a very relaxed and pleasant ride.

I suggest booking it at dusk when the light is absolutely gorgeous. The only disadvantage is that it will cost you a little bit more than any of the other options.


Seville Open Top Tour Bus

Buying a ticket of an open top tour bus is a great choice to visit Seville. It’s very practical if you are in a hurry and it will provide a good taste of the city while you’re there. There are two companies offering this service (Seville Tour and Sevirama).

The bus will drive through the main and sights and you’ll get an explanation of each of them in your preferred language. Additionally, both companies offer a one hour guided walking tour in both Spanish and English.


Guadalquivir River Boat Cruise

Most charming cities in Europe share a common feature: they are bathed by a river. London, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Saint Petersburg, Prague, Vienna… and countless others indulge their visitors with magnificent views from one riverbed to the other.

But it can get even better as sometimes you can also enjoy a nice boat cruise. Were you wondering if you can do so in Seville? Tourism sometimes rules the economy and Sevilla offers you the chance to admire it from the Guadalquivir river!