Understanding the Seville tapas culture

seville tapas

Spanish tapas are our most famous (and delicious!) dish. They are without a doubt the best emblem of our gastronomy. And now that they have been exported almost everywhere, it’s not hard to find a tapas bar from New York to Melbourne.

However, as it often happens with local specialties offered abroad, the feeling is not quite the same. Sometimes it’s because of the ingredients or because the cook is not really an expert in that kind of cuisine. In any case, the question is obvious: why not try this delicious food in the place where it comes from?

This section provides all the information you need in order to enjoy the best tapas in the world. Indulge yourself and try them as soon as possible!

What are tapas?

You are probably wondering what Spanish tapas are.

Tapas are “little dishes” or snack-size foods that can be eaten all around Spain. Yes, you’ve read correctly: these delicacies can be found everywhere and they are so good that once you start having them you can’t stop.

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A tapas introduction

Interested in knowing more about Spanish tapas?

A short beginners’ course will provide everything you need to know about tapas, prices, bars and recipes… Absolutely all your questions regarding tapas and what surrounds them will be answered.

Read a complete introduction to the Spanish tapas universe »

The history of tapas

The history of tapas is controversial. It is still uncertain what the origin of the tapas was and when it became a popular tradition.

Even though no version has been really confirmed, there are many stories on this, some of them really funny…

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Eat tapas in Spain as locals do!

Eating tapas in Spain should be one of the highlights of your trip. Actually, tapas are the best initiation to Spanish gastronomy – tasty, small and cheap! You’ll experience a true pleasure!

And to do so correctly, follow some tips in order to become the best tapas expert.

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My favorite tapas bars in Spain are in Seville

By now you should be aware that in Spain tapas bars are our favorite place to eat. I love going to a tapas bar and enjoying some good food with my friends. This is something I have done in many parts of Spain and I have to confess that Seville is a unique place to do so.

Did you know that Seville has more than 2,000 bars? Neither did I until I started doing research on new bars and tapas. The list is way too long…

To make things easier for you, I’ve listed my top 3 favorite tapas bars in Seville. Well, I couldn’t help it and I had to choose a few more… All of them have been picked after lots of evenings and weekends thoroughly exploring dozens of great tapas bars.

My top 3 tapas bars »

Other 3 tapas bars that I love »

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