Seville Photo Walks (With Me!)

Would you like to join me on one of my Seville photo walks?

After countless years studying photography on my own, visiting far-flung places and thousands of pictures taken around the world, I am thrilled to offer a relaxed photo stroll for those who want to try something new.

These tours derived directly from friends and readers asking if they could come with me while exploring Seville. And the truth is that it’s always fun to wander around some beautiful corners of the city and capture amazing moments.

Each photo walk will house a maximum of 4 people, plus me. If a tour isn’t available on the day you selected, please leave your notes in the form submission and I will try and accommodate your preferences – avid photographers are what I am aiming for here!

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“Thanks for showing me a small part of Seville. As far as I can tell you know your city very well – the same goes for photography. All in all I am very happy with the photowalk, and I expect to be even happier in a few weeks time when I have some large prints in my hands.” — Richard Arntzen (Oslo, Norway)


How Is One Of My Seville Photo Walks?

After meeting in a convenient spot, we will choose from various areas in this vibrant city, from the classic sites, to trendy neighbourhoods or even somewhere off the beaten path. While my focus is on helping you capture some incredible memories, I also take time out to review your photos, share practical tips or simply tell a few stories about Seville.

The idea behind every tour is to discover Seville through photography, get a better understanding of your camera and returning home with amazing images that will be lifetime memories. All of these, of course, while having lots of fun and enjoying ourselves!

Tour includes: 3 hours with me strolling around places in Seville that you may have missed otherwise. You will improve your photography technique, develop your photographic eye and explore the city while having fun.

Tour does not include: Transport to the group meeting spot where we kick off the walk and from the ending point to your accommodation. However, if like most visitors, you are lodged in the city center, your feet will be enough to get you there.

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“The photo walk was a good experience in all aspects and I enjoyed the walk and sights immensely. I haven’t stopped blabbing to people about the experience yet… so that must be a good sign!” — Ifiok Esang (Manchester, UK)


You’ve Got One Chance To Get Your Pictures Right…

Every time you go on a trip you dream of capturing the magical expriences that you have. You would like to return home with a camera full of captivating images to remind you how good it was, and to show them around to your friends and family.

Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that you come back with dozens of wonderful memories, but a camera full of uninspiring images that don’t do your experience justice. Your pictures leave your family and friends uninterested, when all you wanted was to share with them your excitement.

I’ve been there too.

There was a time when my pictures wouldn’t convey anything, never mind excitement or fascination. Until one day I decided to learn on my own by reading about photography, seeing other people’s pictures and practizing a lot! So I kwow how you feel about your travel photography.

That’s why you should come to explore the city with me. Together, we will make the most out of your time in Seville while capturing some amazing shoots.

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“I was very pleased that you took the time before the walk to question me about my expectations and interests, so you could cater the route accordingly. My main reason for taking the walk was to find locations that, although not taking photographs at the time, I could return later and spend more time. In that respect it was most successful, as I had already walked around the particular area a few times and missed ALL the best locations! That local knowledge is priceless. The duration is about right at 3 and a half hours, and at the right time of day for the best light.” — Peter Turnock (UK)


Discover How To Take Captivating Images

Here are a few examples of the pictures that you could take during one of these Seville photo walks…

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Seville Photo Walk Rate

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