Seville Photo Walks FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Seville photo walks FAQ is a quick how-it-works on my photography tours. Do you still have some more questions that are not answered here? Fill out the booking form to get all the information you need.


1. I am a beginner. Can I take this photo walk?

Of course! Each Seville photo walk is designed to provide something for all skill levels. I will help you get you up to speed on the basics of handling the camera and the nuances of photography.


2. What should I bring on my Seville photo walk?

Your camera, of course. A digital camera is a MUST, whether it’s a point & shoot, DSLR, or smartphone.

Plenty of memory cards (formatted and ready to go).

Extra batteries for your camera.

If you have a mini tripod like a Gorillapod, you may use it.

Your camera’s manual may be helpful.

Good walking shoes, a lightweight poncho (in case it rains), a small bottle of water and a sun hat.

Most importantly, bring your enthusiasm!


3. What shouldn’t I bring?

Bring only what you need. Do not bring any extra equipment such as full size tripods, luggage or extra bags (except if you are looking to take shots in very specific light conditions). The less you carry the more you will get out of your photo walk.


4. Where does the photo walk start and end?

I will decide the starting point somewhere in Seville depending on the agreed itinerary. From there we will have a short introductory and orientation session before heading out on the streets.


5. Can my non-photographer companion come along?

Only photographers may attend a Seville photo walk. Please do not register relatives or friends who are not interested in photography. I keep the photo walk groups very small to make sure that everyone receives adequate attention.


6. What if it rains?

It is possible to take great images in all kinds of weather. Your Seville photo walk will not be cancelled due to rain but we may consider alternative itineraries. However, if it’s raining cats and dogs I’ll do my best to reschedule.


per person (max. 4)


7. When and how do I pay?

Once we have agreed on a date, the number of people involved and a final itinerary, you will be able to pay via PayPal, but make sure you avoid us additional fees. Alternatively, you can pay  cash on the day of the tour, but that’s only if you have problems with PayPal.

Early reservation will ensure maximum flexibility to match your schedule while in town. Please give me a minimum of 48 hours for any registration.

Here is how you will be able to PayPal avoiding both of us additional fees.


Step 1. Go to Once there, follow the steps below.


Step 2. Once you click the “Next” button, you are directed to a new screen that should look like the one below. Login to your PayPal account or sign up to create a new account. It’s free.


Step 3. Once you are logged in, check and confirm that all the information (the amount and the currency) is correct. Then comes the most important part: please make sure that the “Paying for goods or a service?” is unticked (not selected). If you don’t do so, PayPal will apply additional fees to both of us.

Step 4. Once you click on the “Send Money Now” button the payment is completed. You’ve just completed your Seville Photo Walk booking!


8. What about cancellations?

If you cancel at least one week prior to the agreed tour date, you will receive a full refund. If you pay via PayPal, refunds are subject to a small fee for bank transaction fees. No refunds are provided for cancellations within one week of the start date.


Seville Photo Walk Rate

per person (max. 4)