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Seville Map: Best Sights

This Seville map shows the most important monuments, and sights and museums in the city. It will be very helpful to organize your trip, especially to have an idea of the distances between them and to check how far the sights are from your accommodation.

The center of Seville and Triana can be very tricky. A lot of street are only for pedestrians and following directions isn’t that obvious. In fact, it is quite easy to get lost.

This map will help you out.


1. Click on each icon to get the name of the sight and its address. You can also click on the link inside to have detailed information.

2. Left click on the map, hold it and scroll it to move around in the map.

3. Use the side bar to zoom in or out.

4. Click on the yellow little guy over the zoom side bar and place it over the map to access Google Street View (panoramic views from various positions along the street).

5. Switch to Satellite view to have a broader overview.


Private Monumental Seville Walking Tour

Booking a walking tour of Seville is the best way to see the timeless sites of this wonderful city. You and your family get a chance to see the Seville essentials: the key monuments, landmarks and the famous Barrio de Santa Cruz.

On the private monumental walking tour of Seville you’ll be with an expert who can answer that particular question, and any others you may have. Every one of these English language tours is conducted by an knowledgeable guide who will make sure you don’t miss a single Seville moment.

Wear comfortable shoes for your walking tours and start exploring the city!

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