Seville experiences: Enjoy the city like a local

seville experiences

Don’t stick to the regular Seville experiences. Enjoy it like a local instead. Few European cities can compare to Seville when it comes to spoil visitors with an incredibly good time.

While Seville is full of plenty of tourist attractions, there are endless opportunities to have an authentic experience during your stay.

With its great vibe, authentic traditions, and delicious cuisine, few cities can compare to the things that you can live while in Seville. And while locations like the Cathedral, Plaza de España, and the Alcázar usually top visitors’ bucket list, oftentimes it’s the lesser-known spots that create the richest experiences.

In the spirit of channeling your inner wanderlust, I set out to discover the best places in Seville that fly under the radar. This isn’t your ordinary travel guide: read on to discover my picks for some of the best things to do, see, and eat in Seville — and experience the city like a true Sevillano.

Things to do in Seville

What are the top things to do in Seville if you are visiting the city? Below you’ll find a long list of activities that are not in the guidebooks and do not belong to the touristic circuits. You can chose from experiencing a relaxing massage at the Arab baths to buying delicious sweets from a closed nunnery.

In any case, I’m sure that you’ll be glad to go off the beaten path. If you want so you can also read about my perfect day in Seville.

Free walking tours in Seville

Taking a free Seville walking tour has become a regular practice among many tourists. After all, who doesn’t like to get a nice service for free? But, are these tours actually “free”?

The purpose of this article is to unveil the reality behind the free walking tours, to question if they are really free, and to provoke a reflection about this type of service.

Seville walking tours

These Seville walking tours are the best option to get the most out of your stay. There can be few experiences in life that offer greater excitement than the thrill of arriving in a new city, especially if you’re not a seasoned traveller. But how to explore like a local and not a regular tourist?

These tours provide a leisurely yet insightful sense of Seville, its culture, food and history. You can choose from many walking tours – historical tours, gastronomical tours, private walking tours, and photography tours that to capture the best of Seville with your camera.

Other Seville experiences

The number of Seville experiences is endless. If you get your timing right, you can visit some of the most popular churches and monuments in Seville, while experiencing the city in a very original way.

I’ve come up with a list of experiences that doesn’t include typical tourist attractions. These timeless things to do in Seville are the must dos from years of experience. I’ve tried them all myself, that’s why I recommend them…

Day trips from Seville

Explore the charms of Southern Spain planning several day trips from Seville. Andalucía, a region formerly ruled by Muslims is now home to vibrant Granada famous for the Alhambra complex, Córdoba and its magnificent Mosque, and the sun-baked whitewashed hill towns – also known as pueblos blancos. Don’t miss it.

Fitting in one or two day trips will enrich your experience and will give a better perspective of the beauty, majesty and history that is just outside Seville.

Discover Córdoba

Thanks to one of these Cordoba tours you will love the city just like the Romans did.

Then came the Moors and built what was once the greatest center of worship in the westernmost Islamic state in the world: the amazing Mezquita, an old mosque now turned into the city’s Cathedral. Christians, Jews and Muslims, all these cultures and religions intersected here. They not simply lived side by side, they influenced each other.

Did you know that it was in Cordoba where Columbus obtained permission for his historical journey across the Atlantic? The city of Cordoba was once one of the great capitals of the world. Don’t miss the chance to explore one of the most important culture crossroads in history.

Explore Granada

Private Granada tours are the best way to experience the glorious citadel of sultan palaces and ornate gardens that was once the seat of the last Moorish kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula. The Alhambra is extremely popular and there are always long lines of people waiting to get in.

The Alhambra, a palatine citadel, is much more than palaces and gardens. It is the best representation of artistic, cultural and scientific development achieved by the Al-Andalus in its last period. The monumental complex of the Alhambra and the Generalife, declared World Heritage since 1984, has been a universal tourist attraction for centuries, alluring travellers from all over the globe.

Travel to other Spain destinations

Apart from living a handful of Seville experiences, you may plan to visit other cities and regions in Spain. Destinations may include cultural cities, landscape locations and idyllic beaches. Didn’t you know that Spain has it all?

Unfortunately, with so much to see and do, one trip to Spain is simply not enough. If you are like the rest of us mortals and travel only for a limited number of days (or weeks, lucky you!), this section will help you choose among the most interesting Spanish highlights.

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