The Seville Combinado Cercanías train ticket

seville combinado cercanias

The Seville Combinado Cercanías is a free transfer onto suburban trains and trams. You get this perk after purchasing your AVE or Long Distance tickets directly from Renfe.

Eligible services include high-speed AVE or other Long Distance trains such as Trenhotel, Talgo, Alvia and Euromed (any fare, route or class). Short and medium distance trains such as Avant and Media Distancia (MD) don’t include a Combinado Cercanías ticket.

What does that mean?

You’re entitled to 2 free tickets (the equivalent of a return ticket) on the local commuter train network every time you purchase an AVE train ticket.

What is the Seville Combinado Cercanías?

Renfe’s commuter rail service trains are called Cercanías.

The Combinado Cercanías is a combined ticket offered by Renfe to every AVE or Long Distance passenger enabling you to get one Cercanías ticket FREE at either the origin or destination stations.

It doesn’t matter whether your final destination is within the city that the AVE arrives at or is another town on the city’s commuter network.

Here are a couple of examples that will help you understand how this train ticket works and the advantages it has.

Example #1: You land at Madrid airport and you have an AVE train ticket to travel from Madrid to Seville on that same day. With the Combinado Cercanías you can get a free commuter train ticket to catch a train that will take you from Madrid airport to Atocha train station, where you will catch your high-speed train to Seville.

Example #2: You are traveling on an AVE from Córdoba to Seville, and want to visit Utrera. With the Combinado Cercanías you can get a free commuter train ticket to catch a train that will take you from Santa Justa train station to Utrera.

How to use the Seville Combinado Cercanías

When you receive (or print out) your AVE train ticket look for the words “Combinado Cercanías” followed by a five-digit code or barcode that you’ll find on eligible tickets. The code can be found in the top left hand corner of eligible tickets.

Imagine that the code on your AVE train ticket is 3W82E.

As soon as you get to the station where you will be catching your Cercanías train, follow these instructions to get your free ticket.

  1. Go to a Renfe Cercanías vending machine.
  2. Select your preferred language. Then, in the first screen select “Combinado Cercanías” at the top-left corner.
  3. Scan your ticket’s QR code through the machine’s scanner as indicated in the screen. If the scanner doesn’t work, type the special code of your train ticket.

Once you are done, the machine will print your ticket. Remember that you need one ticket per passenger and that you must keep the Cercanías ticket until the end of your trip. You will need it to exit the destination train station.

If you still have problems to retrieve your Cercanías ticket, you can always go to a Cercanías ticket window.

The Seville Combinado Cercanías restrictions

Please, bear in mind the following restrictions.

  • You can start or end the journey at any of the Cercanías hubs listed below.
    • Renfe: Asturias, Barcelona (Rodalíes), Girona (Rodalíes), Camp de Tarragona (Rodalíes), Bilbao, Cádiz, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia/Alicante, San Sebastián, Santander, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza.
    • Feve: Asturias, Santander, Cartagena and Bilbao.
  • The ticket can be obtained and used three hours before departure at the station of origin and three hours after arrival at the destination station of the Long Distance-AVE train.
  • The special code assigned to your AVE or Long Distance train ticket allows you to print one Cercanías ticket.
  • You can’t board the Cercanías train with your AVE ticket. You must claim your Cercanías train ticket from the ticket machines at the train station. Every Cercanías train has a conductor that checks everybody’s ticket and you risk being fined.
  • You must keep your Cercanías ticket until you arrive at your final destination. You will need it to get through the ticket barriers when leaving the station. There is also a chance that ticket inspectors may ask to see your ticket.
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