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Seville Airport Transfers: Bus (The Cheapest Option)

In the Seville Airport Transfers you have a list of all the private choices to go from the airport to your location (one way and return). But if you’re intending to spend as less money as possible, look at other alternatives.

The airport bus stops at various locations in Seville. Below you can find a complete list of drop off and pick up points. The main bus stops in the city center are at Plaza de Armas and Jardines del Prado which are also Seville’s main transport hubs.

To catch the bus at the airport, exit the main terminal through the Arrivals doors and walk along the buiding towards your left hand side (walking on the opposite direction as cars and buses do). The main stop is located at the end of the sidewalk. You’ll see the sign indicating the stop, it’s hard to miss it.


Linking The Airport And The Train Station

Tussam, the municipal bus company operates one of the main Seville airport transfers. Bus line ‘EA’ (Especial Aeropuerto) links the city with the terminal.

It’s main advantage is that these buses also link the airport with the Santa Justa train station with the airport and with other parts of the city. The final stop is the Plaza de Armas bus station.

Additionally, it stops at Seville’s major transports hub: the Jardines del Prado. From this stop one can walk 2-3 minutes and take the tram further into the city center. You can also catch the subway or go to the Prado bus station.


Airport Bus: Fares And Route

Among the Seville airport transfers, bus is, by far, the cheapest alternative.

The single ticket costs 4€ and the return ticket 6€, although it’s only valid for one day. Alternatively, you can pay a lower fare for the ride swiping a Tussam Tarjeta Multiviaje.

The ‘EA’ route has 12 stops and runs about every half hour. The itinerary is the following:

  • AEROPUERTO (Arrivals)
  • Kansas City (in front of the Polideportivo San Pablo)
  • Santa Justa train station
  • Kansas City (Ayre Hotel)
  • Luis de Morales (Hotel Los Lebreros)
  • Luis de Morales (in front of the Nervión Plaza Mall)
  • San Francisco Javier (Sevilla 2 building)
  • San Francisco Javier (Sevilla 1 building)
  • San Bernardo (Hotel Viapol)
  • Avenida Carlos V (Jardines del Prado)
  • Paseo Colon (Torre del Oro)


Practical Advice

Depending on the traffic, the journey from the first stop to the airport can last 30-45 minutes.

Allow plenty of time on the return trip because the traffic jams are unprecdictable and can be really painful depending on the days and the time of the day.

Bus drivers have a minimum amount of money for change in the vehicle. Try to have small notes and coins before getting into the bus.

Tussam runs nice, clean buses and they are a cheap and easy way to get to and from the airport. However, to go from Seville to San Pablo Airport, you’ll have to get to the Seville pick-up points on your own, and this might mean hauling your luggage around the city. That’s why you should consider a shuttle van service or a private car, a much more comfortable option.