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List Of Maps Of Seville (Spain)

To move around Seville you’re going to need several maps of Seville Spain. Each one covers different necessities that you’ll have along your trip planning and preparation. Whether it’s a street map, a bicycle paths map or the Santa Justa train station map, all of them provide useful information to help you out.

On top of it, all of them are free and can be downloaded. So you can choose to print them or save them on your smartphone or tablet and carry them with you!

The following maps of Seville Spain complement the ones included in Seville city guides and Andalucia guide books. Since the offer is wide, I have reviewed those I consider the most complete and accurate for your trip.

(You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view and print the PDF files. If you don’t have this software you can get it here for free. Just download it and follow the instructions to install it.)


Seville Old Town Map

This is the best and most complete map of Seville that you can find. It indicates the main streets and avenues, the most important sights, monuments and other interesting insights. In addition, it also shows you the location of practical landmarks such as hospitals, parkings, post offices and police stations…

It’s a bit hard to read when you print it out but you can still zoom in as much as you want on your screen.

Download The Seville Old Town Map »


Seville Tussam Buses Map

Tussam, the municipal company that operates public buses in Seville, provides a complete map where all the routes are detailed. Seville buses are a reliable and comfortable means of transportation.

These buses take you everywhere in the city. Nevertheless, you won’t need them most of the time because the large majority of the sights are located in the center, and can be easily reached by foot.

Download The Seville Tussam Buses Map »


Sevici Bike Paths And Stations Map

If you plan to visit the city on a bicycle, the City Hall provides a helpful map that indicates all the paths and stations scattered all over Seville. Actually, Sevici is one of the best services of Seville.

Renting a bike is, in my opinion, a very cool way to discover Sevilla apart from my favorite one of course: walking!

Download The Bike Paths And Stations Map »


Metro Sevilla Map

This map shows you the Metro Sevilla (Seville’s subway) map. As you can see, the current Line 1 is shown in red.

You can also see how the future lines (2, 3 and 4) will look. All of them are still under construction and are expected to be inaugurated at some point in the future.

Download The Metro Sevilla Map »


Santa Justa Train Station Map

In this file you’ll find four maps.

The first one shows how the Seville’s train station is located within the city. The second one shows its location in a street map. And the third and fourth one are maps of the station itself.

Download The Santa Justa Train Station Map »


City Sightseeing And Sevirama Tourist Buses Maps

Apart from downloading it, this map of Seville is available inside the Sevirama and City Sightseeing brochures. Both companies operate circuits on an open top tour bus around Seville.

In each of the maps you can see the routes and all the stops allowing you to plan where you want to stop depending on what monument or attraction you want to spend more time visiting.

Download The City Sightseeing Tourist Bus Map »

Download The Sevirama Tourist Bus Map »


Recinto Ferial Map

This is the most complete map (and practically the only one) that you’ll find online. It shows you some interesting information: the street names, the paseo de caballos main circuit and the location of the public casetas.

Print it or have a look at it before heading to the Feria. The Recinto Ferial is a small city on its own!

Download The Recinto Ferial Map »