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The Best Map of Seville, Spain

A map of Seville is essential. Every time that I plan a trip one of the first things I do is to look for a map. I like to locate sights, monuments, bars and restaurants and even my accommodation (or potential one if I haven’t made up my mind yet).

I find that it’s very important to get a glimpse of possible walking itineraries, know a bit more about distances (especially if it’s a huge city).

Therefore, long before catching the plane I spend some time researching, downloading and drawing lots of maps. It helps me to maximize my trip and have a better knowledge of the place I intend to visit.

Moreover, once I’m on the road I consider that a map is vital. Unless I have a friend or relative that will be my guide, I always carry a map in my smartphone.

In the case of Seville, you’ll realize very soon that the city is pretty much a labyrinth, especially the center. And despite the numerous tourist offices and the fact that people are kind enough to provide directions, it’s definitely easier to have a map of Seville with you.

Here you’ll find a complete list of maps. I have created some of them with the help of Google Maps; they show the location of key and are ready for printing. But I have also included additional maps, usually in PDF format.

(You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to view and print the PDF files. If you don’t have this software you can get it here for free. Just download it and follow the instructions to install it.)


Seville Map: Best Sights

This map of Seville shows the most important monuments and sights of the city, as well as providing some extra information of every attraction.

Apart from the address and phone number, if you click on the link inside you’ll be directed to a page full of practical information and advice of the sights.

Seville Map: Best Sights »


Map: Seville’s Best Tapas Bars

I have selected the top 3 tapas bars of Seville. In this list you’ll find what I consider the best options to have a taste of some typical Spanish tapas as well as other delicatessen or even more elaborated dishes.

Moreover, I’ve added 3 additional tapas restaurants that I seriously recommend and that complement the previous list.

Map: Seville’s Best Tapas Bars »


Best Flamenco Shows In Seville

This map shows you the exact location of a long list of places where you can attend a flamenco show. You can choose among tablaos, smaller locales and bares flamencos.

Pick the right one for you according to your preferences, your flamenco knowledge and the distance from your accommodation. All of them are excellent places where you can attend a thrilling and passionate show.

Best Flamenco Shows In Seville »


Other Maps

It’s useful to have several maps of Seville Spain. They help you prepare your trip, locate monuments and find where your accommodation is. I’ve gathered a list with what I consider the best maps of the city and other places.

All of them are free and can be downloaded. So you can choose to print them or save them on your smartphone or tablet and carry them with you!

List Of Maps Of Seville Spain »