Improve your style: take flamenco lessons in Seville!

Unsurprisingly flamenco lessons have become very popular in Seville. They are a perfect way to connect with the dancing culture of a city famous for being the origin of flamenco.


You should definitely take some flamenco lessons while in Seville

An afternoon spent at a flamenco class will be a memorable experience that will enhance your visit to the cradle of flamenco. Without a doubt it will inspire you to show off to impress your friends when you’re back at home.

If a couple of hours are is not enough, you can choose to book a whole day or even longer periods… The possibilities are endless depending on your availability and how long you are in Seville!

These flamenco lessons have been selected after months researching and contacting dozens of schools here in Seville. The classes include many options – from private lessons to group classes at the school.

But don’t be afraid to suggest other interests you may have, or ask any question before taking the leap.

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“It was absolutely wonderful. Great instructors and a good mix of skills taught, not only dancing but also clapping.” — Debra (London, UK)


Flamenco dance and technique course

In this course you will pick up the essential foot/heel rhythms, posture, strength and body control, as well as hand movements and expression. Somewhere, deep inside, there’s a flamenco dancer in us all. Have fun finding yours.

The Flamenco Dance And Technique Course is suitable for all, whether you have danced before or are a complete novice. The teacher will support you and adapt the lesson to your needs. At the end of the flamenco lessons you will know about posture and position in dance, understand rhythms and body control, lose inhibitions and gain confidence.

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“My teachers were so supportive and patient. I learned so much about the dance and its many facets. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to develop their dancing what ever level but be prepared to work hard!” — Mark (Manchester, UK)


Flamenco hand clapping course

This private flamenco hand clapping (compás y palmas) course allows you to learn the rhythm and metrical structure of flamenco, which is not always as obvious as it seems.

Hand clapping is an integral part of flamenco music with its own techniques, guidelines and etiquette. Clapping hands may seem like a basic thing to practice. The challenge begins when you vary the technique to create different sounds, keep a consistent sound, stay on a steady beat, stay on a steady counter beat, and then move your body, sing, or provide jaleo (encouraging shouts to performers) while doing it all.

This course is all about coordination. You will learn the basic movements as well as different techniques such as palmas sordas (mute), also called palmas bajas (low) and palmas fuertes, also called palmas claras (clear) or altas (high).

Your teacher will guide you step by step to practice a routine while improving your performance and technique. You’ll receive friendly feedback throughout so that you don’t miss anything.

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“It was one of the highlights of our stay in Seville. But it wasn’t just the lesson with Lidia, who was such a lovely teacher with the patience of an angel, but also the overall experience with the school. They made our entire stay more special.” — Sammy (Chicago, USA)


Customized private flamenco lessons

This course is suitable for every one: absolute beginners, those who have taken some beginners’ flamenco lessons or those who have a lot of flamenco experience. Either way, the teacher will support you and tailor the class to your needs.

In fact, you can choose what is that you want to specifically learn. Is it flamenco dance? Flamenco technique? How to play castanets while dancing?

It’s really up to you!

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“Once a year, since 2001, I go to Seville to enrich my flamenco dance skills. At first I went there to have classical lessons, but since a few years I take private lessons.” — Everdine (Delft, Netherlands)


Special flamenco courses

In addition to its regular courses, the school also organizes other specifically designed courses at different times of the year.

For instance, Estaciones flamencas is combination of courses including a large program of activities related to the flamenco way of life.

A Sevillanas express course is perfect if you are considering traveling to Seville for the Feria de Abril…

The Todo Compás course combines flamenco dancing, technique and guitar with a special emphasis on compás (rhythm). You will learn to accompany the guitar rhythms properly and dance accordingly.

Or you can go for a Flamenco weekend. Stop being part of the audience, cross the line and get into this magic world. Check your skills taking intensive flamenco lessons, enjoy a live performance, and indulge yourself with Seville’s flavors during an unforgettable weekend. You can even have an extra lesson on Friday afternoon, it’s up to you!

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“I’ve been to Sevilla for many times, and I always go to your school to study. With teachers of high level and great people working there. It’s a good place to start, to continue and to improve your flamenco skills.” — Maria (St Petersburg, Russia)