Flamenco Lessons In Seville Inquiry Form

Use this form to request one of the flamenco lessons in Seville, or simply to ask a question about the classes.

Please provide as much information as possible to cater the lessons according to your preferences and your schedule.

Book early! Flamenco lessons can’t be booked at the last minute. Book a couple of weeks ahead of time, or better yet, book before you leave home!


In both private and group classes, and in beginning through professional levels, your teacher will teach you at the highest level possible.

Most students are surprised and pleased at how far they can go in just a short time if they are diligent in their studies.

  • Recommended footwear: Hard bottomed shoes with a small heel, preferably character shoes or specialized flamenco shoes.
  • Please do not wear soft shoes or high heels! It’ll only end in tears and painful soles.
  • Recommended clothing: Comfortable clothing such as leggings or tight tracksuits.
  • One last thing. Bring water, it’s thirsty work.

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