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Enjoy A Unique Espectáculo Flamenco In Seville Going To A Tablao

You can enjoy an espectáculo flamenco (show) in Seville going to a tablao, a bar flamenco or some other venues. If this is your first contact with the flamenco culture, the easiest and most enjoyable option is to go to a tablao.

What is a tablao? It is the place where flamenco shows are performed. They started to become very popular in Spain in the 1960s and are the natural substitute of the traditional cafés cantantes.

Tablaos offer a very professional show, where you can get to see the 3 forms of flamenco expression: singing, dancing and playing the guitar. In addition to this, every show has a great choreography allowing you to enjoy different palos. Besides the quality of the artists, the dresses and the set up are excellent.

Nevertheless, some claim that these kind of espectáculo flamenco are just a tourist trap. While it’s true that you’ll hardly find any Spaniard (not to say a Sevillano…) among the crowd, the tablaos have a legitimate purpose: to communicate and honor the flamenco traditions. As a result, you’ll get to see and know one the most ancient and acclaimed dances.

Unfortunately, some tablaos are part of the touristic circuits and can be packed. It’s not rare to see a bus full of foreigners in front of a tablao. Moreover, prices are frankly not cheap. But if you want to save some money, eat first at some great tapas bar and then go for the drink + show ticket.

If you are looking for an espectáculo flamenco full of experts and true fans, then you should try somewhere else. But remember that flamenco is based on improvisation so you may only see a music performance and no dancing, or nothing at all because these performances aren’t announced well in advance.


Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos

Address: Plaza de Santa Cruz, 11 (3 min walking from the Hospital de los Venerables)

Shows: Every night. 1st show from 20:30 to 22:00, 2nd show from 22:30 to 0:00

Tickets: Drink + show (available online)

Los Gallos is the oldest tablao in Seville, and shows have been performed here since 1966. The location is absolutely gorgeous: a renovated historic house in the old Jewish Quarter (Barrio de Santa Cruz). Additionally, the tablao is very cosy and has 80 seats only.

Because Los Gallos is a family-run business, management continuity has permitted the performance of very well-known flamenco artists throughout the years. It’s probably one of the best places in Spain to enjoy an authentic espectáculo flamenco.

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Tablao El Arenal

Address: Calle Rodo, 7 (2 min walking from La Maestranza)

Shows: Every night. 1st show starts at 19:30, 2nd show starts at 21:30

Tickets: Drink + show, tapas + show or menu à la carte + show (available online)

This establishment was founded in 1975 and it has had one of the major flamenco shows in Seville for years.

El Arenal is the 2nd smallest venue among tablaos in Seville. It has a capacity of 110 seats. The decoration and atmosphere is typical Andalusian, practically like a café cantante. You’ll get to be very close of the action even if you are in the back tables.

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El Patio Sevillano

Address: Paseo Cristobal Colón, 11A (next to La Maestranza)

Shows: Every night. 1st show from 19:30 to 21:00, 2nd show from 21:30 to 23:00

Tickets: Drink + show, tapas + show or fixed-price menu + show (available online)

El Patio Sevillano has a very long tradition related to the espectáculo flamenco universe. It started in 1952 and after moving a couple of times it has been in its current location since 1973. Many flamenco celebrities have performed here and the quality of the show is excellent.

The 300 seats are organized in front of a relatively small stage and you can choose to be either in front of it or in the balcony.

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El Palacio Andaluz

Address: Calle María Auxiliadora, 18B

Shows: Every night. 1st show from 19:00 to 20:30, 2nd show from 21:30 to 23:00

Tickets: Drink + show, tapas + show or menu à la carte + show (available online)

El Palacio Andaluz is a theater with capacity for 500 people. Thus, there is a high chance to get a seat even if you don’t plan well in advance. Moreover, all seats have great views. You can choose among the front row seats, the first level where tables are light with candles and the balcony where you can enjoy panoramic views.

The only downside is that the location is a little bit inconvenient because there is nothing else interesting around, nor sights or nice tapas bars. However, María Auxiliadora is a big avenue and you won’t have a problem catching a bus, a taxi or even a bike.

Apart from the show, El Palacio Andaluz organizes flamenco classes. They last one hour and they are in Spanish because one of the artists is the teacher. Nevertheless, these are mainly for groups as they ask for a minimum of 15 people per session.

The staff offers also 20-minute workshops in which one of the artists explains the different palos within flamenco, as well as the different dresses and how you should wear all the garments, for instance.

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Did you know that the history of flamenco dancing dates back to 300 years ago?