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Elecmove: Electric Bike Tour Pictures

Here are some electric bike tour pictures. Elecmove is the only company in Seville offering this kind of tour and it has been doing so since 2011. It was then when Sofia Delclaux, the owner, founded the company with the aim of introducing electric bikes in Seville for the first time and providing visitors a fun way to explore the city.

An electric bike is extremely easy to use and you won’t have any problem in becoming familiar with after a couple of minutes riding. These bikes have an electric engine that is activated as soon as you start to pedal, so it will do all the work for you. Despite Seville is completely flat, it is nice to have an extra boost while riding especially on hot summer days.

Electric bike tours are organized on a daily basis and you can choose from a group tour or a private tour. Group tours (10 people max) are nice if you like to interact with other travellers and exchange experiences and information. Private tours are great if you want a customized guided tour and you like to have a guide and a route on your own. Both are excellent choices and you will love exploring Seville without consuming any energy!

Consider booking you electric bike tour in advance. You will save time, it will help you plan your trip and you won’t need to woory about last minute decisions.


Electric Bike Tour Pictures 1

Booking the tour on your first day is a good way to get an idea of some (or all!) of the places you plan to go back and visit during the rest of your stay.

Discovering Seville on an electric bike is also a great idea if you are travelling with children. They have lots of fun and get to see more of the city than they could on foot, with only a little effort. All they need to know is how to ride a bike.


Electric Bike Tour Pictures 2

One of the most important stops along the route is at the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes. This beautiful square is the pefect spot to have an introduction to Seville’s history and architecture. Here are two of the main monuments of the city: the Cathedral and the Giralda.

Additionally, you get to know more about the Barrio de Santa Cruz. This area was the old Jewish quarter and it has now become one of the most beautiful zones of Seville. After the tour stroll around its cobbled narrow streets where whitewashed houses blend with small romantic squares.

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Electric Bike Tour Pictures 3

Next to the Cathedral is the Archbishop Palace, a magnificent building with am 18th century Baroque façade. It has served as the residence of bishops and archbishops since the 13th century.

The palace contains an extraordinary library with ancient documents dating back to the 14th century. It also has an important artistic heritage, with impressive paintings and sculptures.

Unfortunately, it cannot be visited and it is opened to the public very rarely, only on special occasions.


Electric Bike Tour Pictures 4

Down to the Plaza del Triunfo, this square is surrounded by the impressive old walls of the Arabic fortress, also known as the Alcazar. You can also admire part of the Cathedral, and a very interesting building – the Archivo de Indias.

The square is a meeting point for many tourists because both the Alcazar and the Cathedral entrances are located here. You will soon notice huge groups of tourists (30-40 people) listening to a guide that has been giving the same boring explanations for years. Our group of 3 was happy to see that we had Niek, our guide, for ourselves.

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Electric Bike Tour Pictures 5

Our next stop takes us to Seville University, or at least to the rector’s office because the institution is so big that it has premises scattered all over the city. This university was founded back in 1505 and it is considered one of the oldest in Europe.

Today, it has approximately 65,000 students. It is one of the biggest universities in the country, offering 65 different subjects, making it a popular one among Spanish and international students. In fact Seville University has agreements with several international organizations, dozens of foreign universities and welcomes every year hundreds of overseas students.


Electric Bike Tour Pictures 6

Riding along Calle San Fernando, we leave behind the University and start bordering the Parque de Maria Luisa, the largest park of Seville. The park was built some 125 years ago and it’s a beautiful and relaxing botanical garden.

The park has many areas and features but my favorite one is the Plaza de España. This original square was built in the 1920s and it is something you won’t see anywhere else. Alas, many visitors skip it because they lack time or believe it’s far away from the center.

I won’t unveil anything else. Go and see it for yourself.

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Electric Bike Tour Pictures 7

As we continue our ride around the Parque de María Luisa, we reach the Plaza de America. This large area of the park has two impressive buildings. The first one if the Museo Arqueologico with a distinctive Gothic style. The second, and aesthetically most interesting in my opinion, is the Museo de Artes y Costumbres.

This building is one of the finest examples of the Neomudejar architecture, a style inspired in the 14th and 15th century Spanish constructions where Arabic elements dominated the artistic trends. Neomudejar buildings are rare everywhere else in Spain but Seville has a very nice collection, and the Museo de Artes y Costumbres is among the best ones.


Electric Bike Tour Pictures 8

We exit the park through a forged iron gate and start pedaling towards the Guadalquivir river. We first reach the Torre del Oro, one of the symbols of the city. Then, we stop a few minutes at the Palacio de San Telmo.

However, the highlight comes next, when go stop right at the riverbank to enjoy a gorgeous view of Triana – a working class neighborhood full of cham and rythm, and its famous bridge. The contrast between the blue sky and the colorful façades is lovely.

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Electric Bike Tour Pictures 9

Unfortunately our tour comes to an end but first we stop at La Maestranza, the oldest and most beautiful bullring in Spain. After a nice talk about the controversy of bullfights in Spain and why people like them and others don’t, we decide that it’s time to go back to the office.

We slowly enter El Arenal until we reach our destination.


Electric Bike Tour Pictures 10

After returning back the electric bikes to Sofia, Niek spends some time recommending the best tapas bars in town and providing lots of tips and insider’s information. So don’t be shy, bring your map and ask your guide for some helpful advice!

The tour on itself is extremely good but in my opinion, the best asset is Elecmove’s staff. Both the owner, Sofia, and the rest of team overdeliver constantly and care very much about their clients needs. They will treat you like a royal.

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Disclosure: Sofía kindly invited me to join a group tour so the following paragraphs are a full review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.