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Looking For Cheap Air Flights To Spain?

Getting cheap air flights to Spain is very easy, especially if you know what you are looking for.

Did you know that more than 57 million people visit Spain every year? A study by the United Nations World Tourism Organization reveals that Spain is the 3rd most popular destination in the world after France (1st) and the US (2nd).

In fact, 3 Spanish airports (Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca) are among the 25 busiest airports in Europe. As a result, many airlines including low cost carriers have entered the Spanish airline market offering incredibly low airfares.

Because most of us search and purchase tickets online, the number of sites that offer plane tickets is growing every day. There are dozens of websites that you can use to get very cheap international flights. To save time and money, use the ones that I recommend.


Tips To Find Cheap Air Flights To Spain

1. Fly early and/or late

Obviously, when going on holiday no one wants to get up very early or arrive home in the middle of the night. However, if you have some freedom and don’t mind taking off at 6.30am or arriving to your final destination late the price of your flight will be considerably lower. These are called ‘red-eye’ flights.

2. Fly on weekdays including a weekend

Airlines fix their tariffs according to your profile. If you fly on weekdays you are a business client. If you fly on weekends you are on holiday. Both choices will end up in high rates.

But what if you decide to fly, let’s say, on Tuesday and come back the next Monday? You get it… you’ll get a lower fare!

3. Fly during the low season

High season will depend very much on holidays and good weather. Try to avoid them as much as possible and you’ll get rid of two disadvantages: exorbitant prices and crowded places. For instance, why not fly on Christmas, New Year’s or Thanksgiving Day?

4. Book way ahead or very late

Do you know about your vacation dates months in advance? Have you just found out that there is a bank holiday next Monday? Take advantage of it!

Look for the best tariff earlier than the rest of us and search for every last minute rate. You might find a hidden gem unexpectedly.

5. Fly to other airports that are close by

If your destination is not included in a low cost airline, there are other options. Most of the time, low cost carriers operate in small airports. These are usually reasonably close to your final destination (e.g. Jerez next to Seville or Gerona close to Barcelona).

6. For longer routes use several airlines

Flying from another continent? Look for a transoceanic flight to an important hub (e.g. London, Frankfurt). From there search for a route with a low cost carrier or a national airline.

In general, booking sites will give you the best possible combination between two destinations. In case that you can make one part of the trip with one airline and the other with a second one, they’ll let you know.

7. Compare, keep looking and search once more!

In the past, booking a plane ticket was simple. You just had to call your travel agent. Even when internet was at its initial stages, there were a few booking sites that made it an easy process. Today the options are many… from booking sites to airfare trackers and best seat spotters!

There’s just one way to tackle it: patience, patience, patience. Hard work will always be rewarded.


Who Operates Cheap Air Flights To Spain?

More than 30 low cost carriers travel to and from Spain. Which Airline is the best low cost flights search engine. If you want to know who operates an exact route, all you have to do is type both the origin and the destination.

However, there are two more interesting options. To find out what airlines operate from a particular airport, type the origin and leave the destination blank. The opposite is valid to know what airlines land at a certain airport/city.

In any case, the results will show you both low cost flights and traditional airlines. So it will be easy for you to find cheap air flights to Spain knowing these airlines.