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How To Celebrate Three King’s Day In Seville

Celebrations vary throughout the country, but here’s how to celebrate Three King’s Day in Seville!


Awesome Things To Do On New Year’s Eve In Seville

Looking for things to do on New Year’s Eve in Seville? Check out these ways to welcome in the New Year in style!

New Year’s Eve is generally a family celebration in Spain where people gather at home for a special traditional meal, but for people visiting Seville this New Year’s, there are still a tons of great options to start the year in full swing.


10 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas From Seville

Are you looking for some great Christmas gift ideas from Seville? The shopping season starts so if you happen to be here, it’s a great moment to look for that perfect present.


A Route Through The Christmas Markets In Seville

Where are the best Christmas markets in Seville? As locals set off in search of the best bargains for their seasonal shop, most Sevillanos abandon major chain stores and brand names to wander through the stalls of a festive market.

These markets are the best option to find something different and unique for the holiday season. And it’s one of my absolute favorite things to do in December!


9 Reasons to Visit Seville in Winter

Despite the days have gotten shorter, there are (at least) nine reasons to visit Seville in winter. Not convinced?

Trust me, Seville is the place to go if you are looking to chase away those winter blues! Not many people would consider Seville much of a winter wonderland, but in recent years more and more people are visiting the city during the colder months. Certainly considered more of a spring destination, Seville is a city that manages to maintain its unique charm, even with a chill in the air.


Things To Do In Seville In December

Here are my picks for things to do in Seville in December. While it’s a month in which temperatures may have dropped (a little bit compared to other European cities!), the city is still a flurry of activity as people gear up for the holiday season.

With festive cheer sweeping the city’s streets, Seville is the perfect place to visit during December. As time goes by, more and more people are choosing Seville for their winter getaway, and with good reason! From traditional celebrations to local customs, the simplest things to the truly spectacular, here are our picks for things to do in Seville in December.